Rise of Nations

Anyone looking at it? For me, its my newest Civ (insert number here) dose. Loved those games, and everything I've seen thus far is making me pretty excited.

Really like the 'area of control' theme, which is, you can't build outside of your controlled land, until you've placed something nearby to expand it. Also, sending any troops outside your control will result in slow losses due to attrition...so no building an army and sweeping the world with it.

I'm hoping that diplomatic and economic factors are played better then in the past, nothing like agreeing to be someone's best friend and then waiting till you get the tech for bombers...

Anycrap, keep your eyes out for it. 8)

I was able to play an early version this at E3 last year, and really found it enjoyable. Being a Brian Reynolds game, I have high hopes.