Indie Gaming

As those of you who read today's Daily Elysium already know, I'm working on a series of articles about Independent Game Developers. It's actually a more vibrant and creative community than one might at first expect, and frankly it deserves more press. So, what's your favorite independent game? If you've never played an Indie game, why not?

For me, I think Moonbase Commander counts, and though it was ultimately published by Westwood, I always thought of Subspace as a closet Indie game. I don't know if anyone ever actually published Scorched Earth, but that's also an outstanding game. There some other gems out there now, but I'll save those for the articles.

- Elysium

tetrinet - nothing beats 4 player tetris

Just check for some great indie games.

I think Nethack needs to be there also. And the guy who did GeneForge.

What''s a ""Daily Elysium""? Is it some kind of fibre supplement so you stay regular?

I never actually played Moonbase commander although I keeop meaning to pick it up every time I go to EB. Can you play online against other Moonbase Commanders?

yes you can play online with up to 4 other moonbase commanders(I think its 4)

Jeff Vogel. ''Nuff said.

I mentioned it in my Solitaire review/impressions...but anything by Silver Creek Entertainment ( Free downloads and just polished products.