Job Etiquette

Hey, just trying to get some feedback here. I accepted a 1 month position at a company just to do some temporary work.

Is it okay to tell them that I have to take off time to still interview? I'm really only doing this to put some cash into my pocket which I desperately need.

What do you all think?

I''ve been in that position before and normally I lied and said I had a family emergency or some other preplanned big event like a friends wedding, hospital appointment etc, Companies are normally fine as long as you don''t take the p**s and ask fro 7 or 8 days off out of the month you''re going to be working for them.

Another words, if I''m with the company for a short duration, they should EXPECT this, correct?

Works for me

(Uh Certis sir, I need a day off best friends wedding (Yeah that''s good))

Sure thing Kegboy, I''ll even let you use the company catapult.

Meet me on the roof.

It''s a temp job. They should expect it.

I''d be up front about it and let them know you may need to take time off to interview. As long as you''re still getting your work done, and don''t abuse it, they should be cool about it.