Question for those who've played Baldurs Gate on PS2.

I'm thinking of renting this to play over the weekend with a couple of friends. We're all kind of burned out with the games we have running over my lan.

Anyway does it support 3 players? And how is the difficulty? Can you dial it up a couple of notches to compensate for 3 players? And is it something that can be beat in a night? Thanks guys.

Edit: are there any other games on the P2 similiar to BG, that support 3 players?

fun, fun game but I''m pretty sure it''s only 2 player. Check the back of the box for sure, but I thought I remembered it only being a 2 player. Played through it in one day while I was home ""sick"".

Not as deep as Diablo or games like that, but a fun hack em up game.

It''s only 2 player.

Hould down both shoulder buttons (all four) when you select your character.