I just got Xenosaga

Well, on a whim, I went outside and bought the game. I was about to buy Dark Cloud 2 but I've already ordered it from EB, so...

Anyone else played it yet? What did you think?

I've only read the manual but I'm a little disturbed that there's a couple of underage heroes(like 12 year old). I don't like that, I don't know why.

Cuz you spoke ill of cell-shaded Link and you know he''s out to get you!


"Mex" wrote:

I''ve only read the manual but I''m a little disturbed that there''s a couple of underage heroes(like 12 year old).

Curse those heroic kids! I like my champions of eternity to at least be old enough to drink. That game doesn''t take place on Earth, does it? Perhaps 12 is middle age in that universe? It would only make sense if they''re spending all their time operating heavy machinery. You''d be lucky to live to 30.

Heh, well, it may sound silly but yeah, these guys aren''t even old enough to drink. There''s a 22 year old who is a Chief Engineer. I guess at 23 you''re an old, ancient warrior who will be more glad to stay at home base and spew clues to the younguns.

Xenosaga is sitting on the shelf at home, waiting for me to start playing it...but I''m so addicted to Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter it''s not leaving the box.

Same sorta thing in Dragon Quarter, though - two teenagers and a (gasp) 21 year old make up the playable roster. What the hell is it with japanese RPGs? Why is this design ellement so consistent? Anybody with more japanese game history under their belts care to comment?

Well, that doesn''t have to do a lot with Japanese game history itself. Just take a look at mangas/anime and you''ll see that most of the main protagonists are quite young in general. And that''s what''s influencing the game design again.

If you read the manual, it does say they''re robots. They just _look_ like they''re 12+.
There must be a reason for it (in Xenosaga). The people in FFX look like they''re at least in their late teens/early twenties, and most Final Fantasy''s where the heroes have been young, it''s been because the art is in that ""super-deformed"" style.
Most of the anime I''ve seen, people either look like they''re 20, 40 or 60+. There''s no inbetween, however.

While we''re at it: if you haven''t read the list of console RPG cliches yet, head over to this place: http://project-apollo.net/text/rpg.html

Basically a must-read.

Logan''s Run Rule:
RPG characters are young. Very young. The average age seems to be 15, unless the character is a decorated and battle-hardened soldier, in which case he might even be as old as 18. Such teenagers often have skills with multiple weapons and magic, years of experience, and never ever worry about their parents telling them to come home from adventuring before bedtime. By contrast, characters more than twenty-two years old will cheerfully refer to themselves as washed-up old fogies and be eager to make room for the younger generation.

LOL! That''s an excellent link JD

The weird bonus character who requires a bizarre series of side quests to make them effective (with the ultimate result that no player ever uses this character if it can be avoided.)

Heh! Sounds like someones played too many of the ""Shining"" series of games!

I am loving XenoSaga! i couldn''t get over the amount of movies. I finished the first chapter and sat there watching the movie portion for almost 40 minutes, and I am not even on to the second chapter yet.

the thing is, it works. I am extremely engrossed in the story, and am looking forward to each little bit.

Really? I''m totally on the opposite side. I''ve only played 2 hours, but I swear like 90 minutes have been pure cutscenes.

That plus the story is a bit too ""Anime-y"" for me.

I do admire the whole concept tho. It''s this path that may take videogames to a higher art form.

If Xenosaga is too ''all cinema and no game'' for you mex, you oughta try out Breath Of Fire: Dragon Quarter. There are some genuinely different game concepts at work, and I swear...haven''t played anything so ''fresh'' in a long, long time.

Good info link - tokyopia writeup