Spill it, have you played MOO 3?

If so, how's it going so far? The mixed reviews are scary so some opinions from you guys would go a long way towards deciding if it's worth getting.

Chop chop!

"Certis" wrote:

If so, how''s it going so far? The mixed reviews are scary so some opinions from you guys would go a long way towards deciding if it''s worth getting.

Chop chop!

Now, you may have heard me complain about the AI, but after reading into it a little and storming through the backstory, there is some logic to it. For instance, the Harvesters declare war on everybody since they need other species to...well, let''s just say it''s not to tango. The Meklar are very distrustful of biological life (""Carbon units are not true life forms!""). Certain species are genetically predisposed to hating or slightly disliking each other. For instance, the Humans dislike the Evon (Why? There''s a very good reason in the backstory printed in the manual and in the Galactic Encyclopedia). The Sakkra race of Saurians hate the Trilarian race of Icythosians. The Meklar also don''t like the Cynoids, who still retain some of their biological components. The Ethereans are very distrustful of the other species in the game, particularly the Humans and the Psilons, the same species that destroyed their gas giant planets in terraforming projects (Think of the novel 2010 and of the Jovian Jelly Fish trying to take revenge).

Graphically...well, I''d say the only part of the game that slightly shines are the diplomatic animations. Even if the Grendarl ambassador is chewing your ass out, it looks impressive. In other respects, the graphics are laughable.

Gameplay wise, you will feel overwhelmed by all the information coming to you the first time you play. You just gotta charge through it and learn which information is important to you. As for the complaints that all you are doing is pressing the turn button, that happens in about every strategy game when you''re waiting for something to happen. The AI managers do help with building DEAs, since you might not want to dive into that aspect of the game right away. The AI build queues for the military are easily overidden, but you''ll notice that what they build is contingent on your settings for the military budget.

I think the negative reviews for the game come from people hoping for a change from MOO2 and are dissappointed by how much detail it gets into. Their complaints of an irrational AI do make sense if you do a little reading; Quicksilver might have done a better job at making racial rivalries more obvious. I think it is definately worth a pick-up, if for nothing else, you end up screaming ""Just one more turn!"" at 2 a.m.

Edit: Forgot to mention this. Another reason why the computer players will come after you is dependent on who you''re friendly with. The so-called ""friend of my enemy"" type of deal. Another causus belli (or causus dislikey) can come from the Orion Senate; always keep your eyes on the number 1 and number two species (besides the New Orions, of course), they tend to not like each other especially if they start opposing each other in Senate Votes.

Edit edit: One feature I and all the other reviewers have neglected to mention so far is the handy in-game alarm clock which comes in two flavors: a Reminder message (which can be set to go off every half-hour, hour, etc.) or the actual alarm, which can be set to go off at a specific time. Handy to remind you to get back to a life.

Also, a word of warning. The background music has a very deep bass sound which tends to shake the house if you have a potent subwoofer.

Update: What a difference two games make. After winning the Orion Senate vote by a landslide (passes bribes to the Trilarians), I MOOved on to another game with the Senate victory turned off. For some strange reason, the Orion system is the most heavily isolated, and I occasionally lose contact with the home planets of other races (including Orion, so no Senate for me). I''m thinking of junking this round and moving on to another win, maybe tweak a couple of things to improve it (shorter star lanes!).