China says \"不\" to C&C Generals

From Orange Today

Hold on a minute, players can't destroy Tiananmen Square, can they?

I'd thought they'd be insulted by the goofy accents and lines..."This is the overlord...tank."

Edit: Looks like the BBS hates the Chinese symbol for "no."

I''m sorry, but I thought the image of Tiananmen Square was ever so slightly sullied already?

and anyway that''s a cut scene in the game at the start of the GLA campaign.

Now let''s just wait for the inevitable French and Russian rejectsions on top of the German and Chinese ones...

Yup the French will use their general ability ""power of veto"" and the Germans will want green blood and bots instead of people!

Ok, just bring back the GDI and NOD, and maybe Yuri (he is no Russian)... I mean Tiberium Sun was fun and it has the same AI problems as the generals!!

I don''t get it, they should be glad of the portrayal of China as a bad-ass hard-hitting mofo throwing around nukes and using human wave tactics, way better then the current cover-up of looking like a legitimate regime torturing the hell out of dissident elements and opressing the populace It all sucks anyway, damn stereotyping and bigotry.