Smallville (Spoiler)

I knew I should've taped it after I caught the Chris Reeves cameo (complete with John Williams' Superman theme) during a 24 commercial! From what I've read online, it looks like the show just took a big leap towards furthering the Superman story.

I saw one episode yesterday( Clark''s mom gets kidnapped in Luthor''s building in Metropolis) and I was surprised. It''s quite a good show, actually! decent effects, the story is great, and Lex Luthor is pleasantly evil. I love it.

Over at my apartment we love to call the show Dawson Smallville or Smallville Creek, but my roomate and myself still watch it religiously every week. I really enjoy the concept and think that the superhero stuff is really well done.

This week''s episode was definitely huge! I can''t wait to see where they go with it!

hey they''re thinking of actually making his role an ongoing thing.