After being Medieval's biggest cheerleader for almost a month, I finally won a game! It was close going, but I was able to hold off the Spanish Empire and secure England's place as the most glorious kingdom in the world.

I suspect by this time next month, I will have finally conquered the galaxy in MOO3.

Congratulations, you Americans are doing the English proud, or something

That and the Spanish were on some seriously messed up drugs; they attacked the Papacy for some reason known only to them. And, just to show you that no matter how good a TBS game is the diplomacy will be slightly off, the Spanish were let back into the church once the Pope died and replaced. Then the new guy kicked me out ""for agression against fellow Catholics"" and then the Polish and the Hungarians started attacking me (the French and the Germans were long gone). Then came a few Catholic revolts, the Spanish conquest of the British Isles, two quick civil wars, but I still won from my comfy capital in Moscow. God save the Czar!

I was at my old job and a friend and I were talking about how we should seceed and form our own country (we are in california), and our resident english programmer chimed in with:

""I know a country who would be happy to have you back!""


I thought it was funny, anyway.