New Castlevania for PS2
By the same team that did "Circle of the Moon" and "Symphony of the Night" - can't beat that with a stick!

(please be in 2D, please be in 2D, please be in 2D)

I saw this, too, and I wanted to post it on the site. I know Castlevania is one of those games that gamers hold near and dear to them. Unfortunately, the only Castlevania game I ever played was the original Game Boy version, so I didn''t feel very qualified to judge this announcement. I can never keep track of which versions are the good ones in the series. I was kind of hoping Certis or Elysium would pick it up and decide if it was good news or not.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for PS1 is by far the best in the series. I hope that this one is in 2D - it''s a travesty that they don''t include that info in the announcement.

It''s just not my style of game, which is not to say it''s a crappy genre, franchise, or game. I realize we have a ton of people that love Castlevania, and I say more power to them. It was kind of a slow news day, so if I''d had time to do some news hunting I might have posted this. As it stands, if it doesn''t have to do with conjugating imperfect subjunctive spanish phrases, dissecting Robert Frost, or gauging water balance for the leeward side of the rockies, then on Mondays and Wednesdays I''m probably not able to think much about it. Which is to say, Sway, if you want to get a word in edgewise for the next month or so, those are the two days to do it.

- Elysium

Hombre, pero si las frases subjuntivas son de lo más fácil!
Por ejemplo: ""Si fuere a México, visitaré las pirámides."" (fuere = futuro subjuntivo, el cual no encaja en el lenguaje común).

Y qué no el Sr. Frost está muy muerto?

Oh, Castlevania pone duro a mi Señor Feliz!

A good Castlevania game is like the jam in a jam sandwich. If I could get one that looked like Guilty Gear XX, that''d be pretty awesome

Wow, I''ve been waiting for this since, well, since the PS2 first hit my smog-stained doorstep back in 2000. Here''s hoping that its either 2D or uses that pretty darn spiffy engine Konami threw together for Contra: Shattered Soldier (say what you will about the game - personally, I love it - but its hard to deny that the tech behind it is as smooth and polished as a very smooth, polished thing).

Beyond the visuals, I''m hoping for some gameplay enhancements also...nothing radical (lest we end up with another Castlevania 64) but a bit of progression certainly wouldn''t hurt.

E3 can''t come soon enough...