Favourite TV Shows

Oh god yeah I should look into that too. Space Above and Beyond was great. My favorite episode I believe was called
""Who moniters the birds"" Hawkes is traped deep in enemy territory. There was barely no dialogue at all. It was so well done!

I don''t see a lot of TV, and I don''t have cable, so I download a lot of shows on the internet. My favorite TV shows are, in order:

24 (best show evar)
The Shield (cannot believe this was not mentioned)
The Simpsons
South Park
The Real World (the original reality show)
Made (although they''ve failed to make an episode about anything I''ve cared about in all of February)
Real World vs. Road Rules Battle of the Sexes

I could name off probably 25 of my favorite shows that are no longer on, but that''s a moot point.

not in order (requires more thought)

john doe
law and order
junkyard wars is great (hello can you make a functional propeller for a hovercraft from a 4x4?)
wwe/mtv tough enough

I have recently discovered the joy that is Monster Garage. I finally got to watch a full episode, and it was pretty cool. They turned a Ford F-150 into a tree-shaker (for picking fruit and nuts). Makes me wish I knew how to weld.