Syphon Filter Online?!?!

From Gaming Horizon, courtesy of Evil's

Ah, Syphon Filter...those were a fun few summers, even though I never go around to the third one.

There were 3? Damn. That was a fun game, I thought it was better than MGS in many ways. I still remember running through the first level and shooting the electric taser at the enemies on rooftops. That was... just fun.

Anyway, how would a stealth game work online?

It would be kinda cool if it was a team-based thing, with one team tasked to infiltrate a compund or something and the other team has to defend it. It would probably devolve into something like Counter-Strike though.

To be honest, I was hoping that Sony would be keeping the franchise single-player focused. Still, here''s hoping they manage to maintain the Syphon Filteryness of it all as the series transitions online...I''d hate to see it devolve into Socom 2.0.