Sonics trade payton/mason flush rest of decade down toilet

So it does say everything else.....

anyways, I can understand why they traded payton. Thats not so bad. But to throw in desmond mason is an atrocity bordering on (insert something one of you wordy people would say).

I understand he plays the same position as ray allen and all that, but get rid of anybody other then him. He provided this team with a good work ethic and a toughness that was sorely lacking.

So how bout those bucks?

I know nobody cares, but I had to get that little bit off of my chest, thanks for being there.

Well, I''m from the Milwaukee area, so there''s been lots of coverage about this. I''m not a basketball fan, so I really have no idea if it''s a good trade or not. Ray Allen was a pretty popular player here though.

Yay! Another powerhouse in the west starts to falter! Go Warriors!

Makes me sick to see Payton go personally. I love the guys heart and attitude. I can see why they did it, but I''m damn sorry to see him go! I''m glad he get''s reunited with Karl at least. Another guy I sorry to see go.

Man I think that is it from the Sonics 90''s dynasty? Wow, end of an era!

Theres still nate

Go T''wolves! Grrr!

phragged, at least you guys got rid of Vin Baker.

He fits in soooo well into the Celics plans.

He''s only registered about 10 DNP''s (coach''s decision) since he''s been here.

Seriously though, seems like a great guy, but man have his skills left him.

So...thanks for Vinny! Celtics all the way in 2003! 8)

phragged, at least you guys got rid of Vin Baker.

No kidding! That was one of the Sonic''s managment''s better moves.

I agree when I heard he left I almost got out of my car and did a little dance in the middle of the street :). I cant believe that trade went down.

He''s horrible. Absolutely horrible.