Games Like Ultima IX

Hi All,

I recently finished Ultima IX and found the the game very enjoyable. This was mainly because you had this living world to explore and go where you want.

Does anyone know of any single player games that are similar to this?

Note: I don't think we should go into a discussion of wether Ultima IX was good, bad, crap or whatever. Save that for another thread/day.


You know, now that the hardware and patches are available to make Ultima IX a strong game, I can''t really think of much else off hand that matches it. Probably the closest is something like Morrowind.

- Elysium

Yeah, Morrowind might be interesting, you also might want to save some cash for the English version of Gothic 2 which might or might not show up soon.

Definitely Morrowind.

You should definetly give Gothic 1+2 a look if you dig Ultima IX.

As was already said, Morrowind and Gothic 1/2 are very good. Also give Divine Divinity (despite it having one of the worst names ever) a try.

You mean the EA patch? Or one of those user made patches? I''ve not played with those, are they worth it? I still have the game, and I''ve not gotten past Britannia because it''s still slow.

Thanks Guys,

I have played Morrowind and that was fantastic.
Gothic 1 & 2 sound interesting enough, will do some research. Might give Divine Divinity a pass for now, looking for more the 1 man army type game

As for the patch, I had the latest official EA patch,
XP1900, Geforce3, 512Mb
Had a fair few problems with memory leaks but all in all pretty stable and was able to run okay with all features turned up. If you are a big Ultima fan (especially VII) you might find it disapointing.

One man army type game?

I''m not sure if I''m reading that right. I''ve put in about 10 hours into Gothic, cool game with awful controls, and am currently working my way through Divine Divinity.

If you want to be a one man army, I''d say get Divine Divinity. I think I just hit level 16, and when you get the skills, and equipment, you really start to kick some serious ass.

When I''m playing Gothic, I always feel like the underdog. Picking my fights carefully, and being cautious of what I''m doing.

Maybe it''s how I''m playing the two games that makes the play so much different for me, but I really like them both.

Sorry about that mumford.

What I mean by 1 man army, is that you control just 1 character and only focus on that character, as opposed to controlling a group of characters. I find that only having one character to work on makes me get more involved in the game.

Baldurs Gate 2 was great and a lot of fun for me, though I found the other characters were only good for making the story move along. It felt like I was talking to myself. as I controlled all the characters and then when they had dialog the PC took over and then it was back to me.

Hope this explains it better and next time I will pay more attention to little things like that

Actually, Snake Eyes, you only play as one character in Divine Divinity. It doesn''t have a party based system, and in the higher levels, Mumford is right. You do kick ass.

I''m not actually pushing DD on you here, as it sounds like you''re after something different, but I did want to clarify. DD is not really much like Baldur''s Gate.

- Elysium

Yep, Divine Divinity plays more like Diablo than Baldur''s Gate. The combat and interface are more akin to Diablo, but the rest of the game has a vast amount of depth which is quite a bit like Baldur''s Gate. There is just so much to do in the game.

I just bought a house, and am leaving all my cool findings there.

Gothic plays more like Ultima IX, but with bad controls. Well, not so much bad controls, just different and akward. After you play it for a while you get used to it. But it''s more of an action/adventure game than an RPG.

And speaking of Ultima IX... I traded games with a friend of mine for it a while back, but my computer was way to slow (P3 450, GeForce2 MX). Maybe I''ll throw it on, get the patches and see how it runs on my current computer (1800XP, GeForce3). Who knows, maybe I''ll beat it.

Okay, thanks for the extra info Elysium & Mumford.

Will look into Divine Divinity and see what that is like, I read a reveiw of Gothic and the interface really put me off, though I might wait for more reviews of Gothic II to see what the consensus there is.

Well, Piranha Bytes got rid of the ugly controls in G2. You don''t have to perform Street Fighter 2-esque keyboard commands to pick up an item anymore.