Peace protests embolden Saddam to defy UN inspectors


I thought the whole purpose of a peace protest was to prevent a war, not to aid in the march towards it.

SF Gate:

No Iraqi scientist involved in biological, chemical or missile technology has consented to a private interview with the inspectors since Feb. 7, the day before the two chief U.N. inspectors arrived in Baghdad for talks with Iraqi officials. The United Nations also has not received additional documents about past weapons programs, despite the government''s pledge to set up a commission to scour the country for evidence sought by the inspectors, U.N. officials said.

Seriously though...this is getting old.

rope-a-dope. It really doesn''t matter since we''re going to war any way.

"Ulairi" wrote:

rope-a-dope. It really doesn''t matter since we''re going to war any way.

that is indeed true and was stated by your gov just today again.

on related topic i found a really interesting article on Telepolis:

Sadly it is in german, but I will try to translate it in a lunch break for you if desired ;).

I cannot help it but if the article is correct, Saddam Hussein is dumber and thus more dangerous than I thought.
I mean he gives the US a perfect reason to attack with such actions and just proves their point. As long as he was cooperating the US would have had to go in Iraq without UN sanction, but if he continues like that they will get one sooner or later :(.

Anybody who thinks we''re not going to war at this point is, I think, seriously mistaken. What, we''ve spent millions getting all the troops there adapting vechiles etc, annoyed a lot of people and (EU) countries and then we''re just going to turn around and go home ?....

As soon as everyone is finished moving into position it will start. Bush is waiting on the ok from the military, nobody else. It is going to be the most impressive display of firepower the world has ever seen I think (besides the big drops)