URA Zelda?

This is a question about the pre-order for Zelda: Wind Breaker. If I were to go and pre-order this from EB (gasp!), would I get the URA Zelda disc right there?

I'd been under the impression that the bonus disc would be coming with the game, not when I pre-order it. If I were to pre-order this game, and get the bonus disc right there, then I would definately pre-order.

Can anyone clear this up? Thanks a bunch.

I''m fairly certain you get it once you purchase it. I preordered my Zelda last month and went in on Sunday to pick up my free bonus disc. (arrived that Saturday). There were people in line to pre-order Wind Waker and they looked like they were getting a disc.

I didn''t look that closely because the place was mobbed and smelled like 14 year old boys who hadn''t discovered ""Right Guard"".

My local gamestop has the ura disc in and they said you can pick them up if you have at least 15$ down on windwaker. So I say you can get it now