Odd Sequel Numbering...

I just heard about a sequel to Mega Man Zero for the GBA called Mega Man Zero 2. Now I understand that there may not be a good way to show that this game is a sequel to MMZ without calling it MMZ2, but it still sounds silly.

That got me thinking about other games that had strange sequel numbering. Games like Final Fantasy X-2 and Jedi Knight 2 (since Jedi Knight was the sequel to Dark Forces, Jedi Knight 2 should technically be called Dark Forces 3) came to mind almost immediately. I remember that when I first heard about Rogue Spear, I was afraid they'd call it "Rainbox Six 2"

Are there any other game sequels out there that have similar problems with numbering?

[size=9]PS. I thought calling the X-Men "Special Edition" X-Men 1.5 was pretty clever, but it's not a game, so it doesn't count...[/size]

I agree with you that it does sound funny but Final Fantasy has some what of a reason for that name,... I mean it''s the first time sequel,... this attempt is way long over due sense FF7 or 9, I'm not talking about FF8 because that game long enough to fill the game and a sequel,...


I thought calling the X-Men ""Special Edition"" X-Men 1.5 was pretty clever, but it''s not a game, so it doesn''t count...

I like the title too, just wish the X-Men 1.0 DVD didn''t suck so bad. I''m bitter. Not as bitter as I was when I bought Lord of the Rings on DVD 3 weeks before the Special, Special edition came out.

But to your point, I know what you mean. I always thought the Mario Brothers games were kind of odd in regards to versions. Paper Mario, Yoshi''s Island , Yoshi''s Island-Super Mario Advanced 3 GBA, etc.

So many Mario.