Daredevil Impressions

I'm heading out to see Daredevil tonight, did anyone catch it last night? What did you think?

I haven''t seen it and don''t have to much interest to do so since I''m not a big fan of comic''s and I''m not a Ben Affleck fan at all. But I have read some early impressions and they seem to lean more negative than positive. Most people sound like they were more impressed with the X-men 2 trailer than the Daredevil movie.

Of course if I''m interested in something I usually disregard that sh*t and just judge for myself.

I don''t have high hopes for this one, they pretty much trashed the Electra character and made her a bunny. I''ll probable catch it some time this weekend though...


Hollding in at a 49% from man on the street rating, which is not to bad for a cheesy action flick.

My fav quote

""''Moody'' and ''introspective'' are simply not in Bennifer''s arsenal; plus that leather-fetish superhero getup makes him look like the gimp from Pulp Fiction.""

Sometimes i think that the trailer for the movie shows everything that movie had to offer. Why even bother to watch it! One the other note.: I have not seen this movie yet so i can not really comment on it but i fear that it might end up one of those movies where you go ""WOW"" for the action, and then when the kind of story kicks in you''ll be: come on! do something! For some reason i just remembered ""The One"" movie. I think they somewhat similar....


I saw it. I''m going to get this out of the way: I''m a geek and proud of it. My two favourite super heroes are Spider-Man and DareDevil so I have high expectations. I thought DareDevil was ok, a few things really bugged me. They make Matt out to be like the Punisher, he kills a few people and that''s not how DareDevil was. But the pluses are that they included a bunch of stuff for the comic geeks in all of us. I don''t want to spoil it for any of you but pay attention!

Kevin Smith was great!

I give it a B.

Ulairi, thanks for giving me a ray of hope- seems like alot of initial reviews are coming in very negative... Another big old-school marvel fan here, and frankly, if they screw up Daredevil and the Hulk I may never recover :evil:. Xmen are great, but never did have the impact Daredevil or the green beast had...at least for me. I have greater expectations for the Hulk, due to Ang Lee. Hope that does better.

I''m a big Gambit fan so I''m not that into the X-Men movies.

The X2 trailer is pretty cool and LXG looks fantastic!

I thought the Daredevil movie was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it. The storyline was just fine, Ben Affleck did a fine job playing Daredevil, Jennifer Garner was great as the sexy Elektra, and Collin Farrel was an awesome Bullseye. I don''t really know how close to the comics the movie stayed as I never read Daredevil but on it''s own it was a great comic book film.

I think what really worked for the film was the fact that it didn''t take itself too seriously. Lots of humor mixed in with the drama and plenty of action. The only problem I had with the film was with the way they filmed the action sequences. Too many cuts in the action which made it hard to follow. I hate it when films do that.

Just saw DareDevil. I''d like to come clean as well. I am a comic book nerd, love superhero movies, and have wasted my share of money on movie licensed video games.

So, that being said. I loved it! Lots of little tidbits hidden in there for comic fans, especially DareDevil comic fans. Jennifer Garner is SUPER hot, Ben Affleck wasn''t too one demensional (besides, he''s a home town boy, so it''s hard to trash him) and the movie wasn''t all cutesy like Spiderman (which I also enjoyed), it was dark and much more human, for a comic book movie.

I don''t want to give away any spoilers so I''ll stop here, but if you go see it make sure to stay through the credits.

If you''re not a comic fan you may think it was one of the worst movies you''ve seen in a while.

Did I mention how hot Jennifer Garner is?

Well, against my better judgment I let a friend talk me into going to see it... I went in with pretty low expectations, knowing and accepting that I was going to hate the gutted Electra character and so on. I walked out thinking that the film was ""ok"" but not really all the good over all, and I really should have caught it at a cheap seat show. My friend however who had gone in with pretty high expectations (some folks had spoke highly of it to him) was really let down and pretty bitter about it. Go figure. All and all I wish I had held firm and saved my entertainment bucks for something else, but I have definitely sat through much worse.

I think
""''Moody'' and ''introspective'' are simply not in Bennifer''s arsenal; plus that leather-fetish superhero getup makes him look like the gimp from Pulp Fiction.""
actually does it pretty fair justice, justice and arguable irony being something that movie Dare Devil clearly knows nothing about.

Well I caught Shanghai Knights today, I thought the original was just ""ok"" (lots of to lowbrow humor) but if your thinking about going to Dare Devil I would recommend Shanghai Knights instead. It''s totally predicable and has a few bad edits (huge plots points just disappear) but it somehow manges to maintain a good rhythm and is a fun ride all the way through.

plus that leather-fetish superhero getup makes him look like the gimp from Pulp Fiction.""

I think this is one of the harder aspects of superhero movies. That being making the costume somewhat believable. I guess leather seems to be the best alternative for these kinds of superheros, certainly better than Spandex in most cases I would say (Superman, Spiderman not included).

I would love to see Wolverine don the yellow and blue, or brown and light brown costume from the comics, but I think the translation to film may make him look down right laughable.

On the topic of the Xmen flicks, I actually liked it that they downplayed/removed the classic costumes. It focused your attention on the characters, as opposed to the getups. Granted- I personally like most of the duds the x-folks have worn over the years. But we need joe citizen to get engaged in this stuff in order for it to proliferate (big numbers=more films), and joe citizen is put off by wacky spandex. Seems to me Spiderman''s success might make it easier now, however.

What really gets me is no Beast. I''d take the big, blue furry guy over the little, ''bamfing'' blue guy anytime.

note- I can''t believe I just made a serious post about....superhero costumes. /groan.

"Gorey" wrote:

note- I can''t believe I just made a serious post about....superhero costumes. /groan.

Don''t feel bad, a major newspaper dedicated the front page of their entertainment section to the subject.

haha. This is the only safe environment I have to discuss such worldly topics (superhero costumes!) without completely elminating the prospect of ever being invited to lunch with co-workers again.

I hear you about Beast. Even if he wasn''t furry, he was always a cool character.

Colossus making his appearance in X2 should be pretty sweet. I saw the teaser and he looked cool turning into metal. I''d love to see Angel make an appearance.

They could make about 30 X-Men movies with all of the story lines they''ve had.

Gambit!!! He doesn''t have a lame costume!

The Captain America costume from the movie wasn''t that bad.
Red Skull also looked bad ass.

Captain America on IMDB http://us.imdb.com/Title?0103923

Didn''t even see this one.

IMDB gave it a 2.8? I hope the costumes were good, it sounds like that was the only good quality in the movie. Still...it''s on my list of movies to see. Thanks Scoli!

"scoli" wrote:

The Captain America costume from the movie wasn''t that bad.
Red Skull also looked bad ass.

Captain America on IMDB http://us.imdb.com/Title?0103923

Ah yes I remember this now... the fake ears on the helmet... *shutter*.

Found some pictures of the costume for those who haven''t seen the movie.

Here is one: IMAGE(http://members.aol.com/Cylair/cap7.jpg)

and here is another: IMAGE(http://members.aol.com/Cylair/cap41.jpg)

The top one looks weak, but the bottom one, minus the helmut doesn''t look too bad. Although it is far away

Lots more found here:

I need to wash my eyes out with something strong.

Maybe nostalgia is tinting my memory a bit.

ouch, that''s reminding me of the 80s Hulk series.

I hope Daredevil comes to cinemas here soon. I am really looking forward to it. Same goes for X2.

ouch, that''s reminding me of the 80s Hulk series.

I grew up on that show. Loved it. Course I''m the kind of dork who has a 10"" classic hulk on his desk..at work. So perhaps my opinion is biased :twisted:.

Just watched the X2 trailer and I have to agree with Pulse- damn, Colossus looks badass. Heck, Nightcrawler even looked nifty. Think my god-I-hope-it-doesn''t-suck-monkeys gauge just went up a few notches.

""Don''t make me angry, you wouldn''t like me when I''m angry.""

I still find myself saying this, all these years later. And of course those who never watched the old Hulk series on tv think I''m a psycho when I say this.

I thought it was funny that Dr. Bruce Banner could always find clothes his size on a clothes line in middle America after turning back into human form.

I watched that, too back then. But when I look at it today it is really a silly series. Better should not have done that I guess, detroys fond memories.

Oh and I have a Duke Nukem sitting on my desk at work, so you are not along with gimmicks

Pulse, the worst part is....my last name is McGee.

Grade school was hell, I tell you :twisted:.

lol. Kids are ruthless!

What a night for TV.

Wonder Women
Buck Rogers

back to back to back.

And your right chrisg, it all looks a little corny now.

Oh god do yourself a favor and never watch that the Captain America Movie it''s horrible! I saw it on our sci-fi channel last weekend. Don''t Do it!

lol, you know, I think you may be right. As much as I''m a whore for anything Super Hero I don''t think I can do this one.

It had potential.
It sucked.
The Rob Zombie song sucked.
The only thing John Favreau has done wrong in film.. well aside from Very Bad Things.