Shadowbane: Thoughts, complaints, ideas?

I have been following this game for more than 2 years now and it looks like it will finally come out next month. Does anyone plan on trying it out?

A good friend of mine and I started talking a lot about this game recently and we may just jump in head first and do it. We played EQ a lot together the first 2 years it was out and we are looking for another "fix" but with a smaller amount of playtime

Is anyone here in Beta? If so, have any comments to share about the current build? thanks

I was in beta, briefly, but don''t have any comments on the latest build. I abandoned SB several months ago, and haven''t heard of any significant update that addressed my concerns. I''m certain it will survive, but I doubt this will be a title that flourishes.

- Elysium

So, I should just stick with BF1942??

Well by some of the remarks on the front page story I may have to reconsider. The point and click system will be something very new for me to learn.