Ps2 RPG suggestions?

Being pretty new to consoles, and somewhat tired of action-type games, I was thinking of trying an rpg. Played tons of PC rpgs but have little experience with the console branch. Any local favorites? I played FFVII years ago (on my pc, that is) and liked that quite a bit....

Gorey, I have 2 for you.

Suikoden III for PS2.

and my dark horse...

Okage: Shadow King for PS2. Rented this because of the eye candy. I''m not a huge RPG guy but it was fun and you can get this game for short money. I played it for about 6 hours in total before sending it back to Block Buster. IGN only gave it a 7.5 or something like that but for about $14 it may be worth the pickup.

Recent PS2 RPG goodness:
Suikoden III: everyone will recommend this, because it''s awesome.
Wild Arms 3: it may be a sleeper, but I like it a lot
.hack//infection: more of an action/RPG, but very interesting

Potential goodness coming this month:
Breath of Fire V: My favorite series gets a fifth installment.
Xenosaga: Another favorite series gets a sequel

If you liked FFVII, then I''d recommend FFX. I''ve been playing the series since the original FF, and it''s my favorite behind FF6 (FF3 in the US) and tied with FFVII.

Yes, definitely give FFX a whirl.

First of all, you''ll need to play FFX. If you like that, I''d recommend moving on to Xenosaga when it comes out this month, and Dark Cloud 2.

Damn, thanks for all the suggestions. I did some digging around and they all look pretty interesting. The cell shaded wild west stuff on Wild Arms is paricularly neat, and Suikoden''s trinity viewpoint thingy...

Would it be worth playing Xenogears before xenosaga, despite it''s ps1 origins?

FFX is horrible! Stay away! The characters are weak, voice acting is annoying, and the story isn''t very good. The advancement system is cool.

Well, remember that you can play old PS1 titles on your PS2 also! So it would be worth trying old favorites like Chrono Cross, Vagrant Story (very recommended by mags, tho I didn''t play it), and all the previous Final Fantasies (I''m one of the few who apparently enjoyed FF8, but FFIX is worth it, and Final Fantasy Tactics is a *must have*).

There''s also a lot of RPGs for PS1 that are pretty decent, not flagship products, but will definitely give you some bang for the 19.99 dollars they probably cost right now.

Unlike Ulairi, I did enjoy FFX, if only for the eye candy, and the sphere system of advancement is very original. It''s a light RPG.

Xenogears is -excellent- if you''re in the mood to read a book Think of it as the Planescape:Torment of consoles.

BTW, anyone know where can I buy Dragon Warrior games to play on my PS2? I never played one.

Mex, there is a Dragon Warrior VII for the PSOne. IIRC, it was the only Playstation one to make it across from Japan. None of the SNES ones made it over, so I think only Dragon Warriors 1-3 on the NES are available in English. There''s also GBA versions of 1-3

I''d forgotten about the PSOne RPGs.... like Mex said, Final Fantasy Tactics is a must have

Suikoden III, Wild Arms III are both pretty good.

As for Xenosaga, its not an actually sequel to Xenogears so playing through gears isn''t necessary (thank god because it is terrible).

Baulders gate dark alliance is very good get that it''s dirt cheap now too..

"Valcron" wrote:

Baulders gate dark alliance is very good get that it''s dirt cheap now too..

It''s really not much of a RPG...

It''s also very short. A rental would be better.

But still a fun game.

Ended up grabbing Wild Arms III as they were out of Suikoden (local eb)...and I wanted to try something different from the FF stuff.
Although, I nearly bought a used copy of FF:Tactics for 15 bucks. Guess I should''ve...oops.

I picked up Dark Alliance, brought it home, played it for an hour, took it back. The PC Baldurs games are all time favorites of mine (played through the whole BG2/throne of bhaal arc several times) and I just couldn''t handle the ''hack/run away/hack'' focus.
Again, thanks for all the suggestions!