Tax help!

OK, I'm sitting here trying to do my taxes, and figure out if I can get any of the money I spent on tuition for college last year back. As a part time student I' spent about $2ooo on tuition last year and would love to get at least a small amount of that back. Any of you guys know anything about 2002 tax laws, or a good website that offers helkp? Thanks.

Possibly, look into the Education Credits (Hope and Lifetime Learning Credits). Form 8863.

- Elysium

We got Turbotax as usual this year, then couldn''t even install it due to a missing key code. Were told that the only way to get the code was to mail Intuit our copy (at our expense) and _then_ they would send us a copy with the code. I don''t _think_ so!

If you''re interested in a laugh, go to intuit/turbotax website and look at all their backpedaling about the C-Dilla installation and the bugs in the program... some good stuff there. Unfortunately, we bought the program b4 reading amazon reviews (also good for a laugh) and have now paid for a coaster (sigh).

As far as tuition deduction - don''t know which form of 1040 you could use (we''re stuck with the long version with itemizing), but on p16 - ""Tuition & Fees deduction - NEW - you may be able to deduct up to $3000 of tuition & fees you paid - can''t take if you are claimed as a dependent or if you claim an education credit"" - and (of course) there''s a worksheet for it in the book

(written by Mrs. Wumpus)

Thanks guys!