C&C Generals anyone?

So who else is loooking forward to the next C&C game? I'm acutally really anxious to get my hands on this, and praying it turns out good. The C&C series along with Warcraft were my first forays into rts, and so I have some really fond memories of the series.

Is there any early buzz on the gme yet?

I''ve been hearing a lot of good things about it on the SA forums. The game sounds a lot like Starcraft meets Red Alert. Single Player is supposed to be okay (no greater than say the RA2 campaigns) but folks are really enjoying the multiplayer. Unit voice overs are the typical cheesy sort (ultra patriotic US, bad accented GLA and Chinese voices).

Graphically the game is above average. Nice environments and some really cool special effects.

I can''t wait to get my hands on this game

I actually didn''t care a lot about the game until let''s say 1-2 months ago. People said that the multiplayer part in this one is pretty interesting (I didn''t find the multiplayer experience of the previous C&C games that thrilling) and it definitely looks nice in the GFX department. It, however, also won''t run very smooth on my current machine (800MHz + GF 2 MX400) so the game is currently no option for me.

I''ll be picking this up as soon as it hits the stores here in the UK (Friday) I,ve always been a big fan of multi player Red Alert so I''m hoping this is going to be as good fun in multiplayer.

I would have to upgrade just to play this game, not going to happen this year.

Better buy it now before the Muslim and Chinese groups start the law suit wagon...

Unreal 2 is heading back to EB in exchange for Generals. Hopefully I''ll get more value out of it.

- Elysium

A friend of mine is in the same boat, trying to pawn off Unreal 2 to buy Generals. If he buys it I''ll play it, but as a rule I don''t buy Westwood games anymore... also I have this thing against games that don''t release a demo...

I can''t wait until unreal is 19 buxs on gogamer.com.

Will gogamer go that low? Hopefully 24.99 and I would be tempted.