Shanghai Knights

Everyone needs to go and see this movie. It's great! Really funny, well written, acted, and just a great buddy movie. They're going to start production on the new one soon and it should be out next year!

It''s pretty cool that Jackie Chan is actually starting to become a successful American-movie action hero. Poor Jet Li and Chow Yun Fat. I hope ""Bulletproof Monk"" and ""Cradle 2 The Grave"" are better movies than ""The One"" and ""Replacement Killers""

I also liked Shanghai Knights. Lots of neat fight scenes, and tributes to some of Jackie''s favorite actors. My only complaint is I felt they overdid it with the ""Oh, I can''t believe he said X name is a bad name for a such-and-such. Don''t they know in the future X is a such-and-such?! Haw haw!""
That, and they kinda ripped off one of the fights from Iron Monkey - but that''s okay since Donnie Yen was in that too.

I also like Owen Wilson. The guy cracks me up. Seems like pretty good chemistry between him and Jackie Chan in the first one. Hell he even managed to make I Spy kinda funny.

I definately plan to go see it this coming weekend.

Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan should re-make some of the old road movies. They work really well with each other. Plus the chick in the movie is hot.

Those two DO indeed have an awesome chemistry. I''d love to see them make some serious stuff together too. They would be awesome.


I was actually pleasently surprised by how much I enjoyed this one. I figured it would be pretty good because, well, it''s a Jackie Chan movie, but it was a lot funnier then I thought it would be.

I also thought they overdid the ""I just said Sherlock Holmes was a bad name!"" bit. And I thought some of it was cheesy, but the funny bits were damn funny, and more than made up for it. It was great. Chemistry saved the cheesy plot.

I agree also that Jackie''s sister was very doable. Yum.