Oh god...

I met the most amazing woman tonight. Gorgeous, sexy, funny.....

I did a dumb ass thing though. I asked her if she would like to get together and go out sometime, she said sure. STUPIDLY all I did was give her my phone number, I should have gotten hers.

Oh well, I know where to find her anyways. I highly doubt she'll call, but you never know.

PS- The man is supposed to be the one that calls right? We're supposed to be the predator... Oh well... sh*t happens I guess

I dunno. I''d have lived off the high of a sexy and intelligent woman not shooting me down for several weeks when I was single. If she calls, just think of it as icing, and walk around telling all your friends how ''awesome'' you are. If they get tired of it, punch them!

I dunno about the whole man must be the predator thing. I grant you that it''s the majority of the circumstances, but there''s also nothing wrong with being pursued. You might just find that it''s a bit of a relief to not try and deal with a person who waits for you to make every move, evens out the relationship a bit.

- Elysium

Did you at tell her about GWJ and how you''ve already got 38 posts there and in just a few more you''ll become an Intern and join forces with the handful of other interns so that you and they can make more posts pretending to rebel against imaginary oppression and general mistreatment by Elysium and Certis only those aren''t their real names they''re just internet nicknames sometimes called nicks or callsigns or gamertags on the xbox live which is absolutely the greatest innovation in console gamings since the floor mat that you could get for your NES which stands for Nintentdo Entertaintment System which was basically the thing that everyone else just calls Nintendo that you could play track and field and some other weird games in your socks and soon the tv room would smell like a locker room and everyone would leave to go buy Garbage Pail Kids instead?

Chicks love that.

...the above three posts get my vote for ""Thread Most Deserving of Reincarnation as a Penny Arcade strip"" award for 2003

Someone woke up on the cynical side of the bed this morning!

- Sean

I''m still haunted by images of the Whacko Jacko Show from last night. And all I saw were two trailers and a few clips on Jimmy Kimmel.

I am still in shock that she said ""SURE"". That word is echoing in my head (A good echo). I''m glad I had the balls enough to say something to her.

But, good point Elysium. If she calls, she calls. I know where to find her if she doesn''t call anyways.

Hey sway, how many different drugs did you do this morning? I mean, it couldn''t be just 1, probably like an 8-Ball right?

Sorry. Snow day. Giddy.

LOL @ sway making me think about some poor sole telling all that to a chick and then thinking ""OMG, did I just say that?""

Actually, I was definitely laughing my ass off... I visually imagined me saying to her ""Hey did you know I PLAY VIDEO GAMES AND I CHAT ONLINE WITH THESE COOL PEOPLE AT GAMERSWITHJOBS.COM ?""


Just don''t make any bad innuendo jokes about your joystick!

Hahaha Joystick =D

Impress her with the size of your harddrive.

Or with your great AI

Or show her my Huge Rocket Jump?