Your Favorite websites for Gaming news? Top 5 or (more)

Your Favorite websites for Gaming news? Top 5 or (more)

I'm always looking for a good news site. I found this site through (of course) which I think is one of the better sites. I'm curious to see what sort of bookmarks you guys have. Also, please post the type of gamer you are, for example I'm the PC only type. Your major bookmarks can say alot about a person, kind of like what a music CD collection could say about a person. This might give us some insight as to what sort of news you're interested in. These days you can't find one site 100% committed to PC news. But as you all know there is a big difference between a mostly console news site and a PC news site. Most of the better sites now combine console news and PC news because there isn't enough PC news to sustain a site for 12 months a year.. My hope here is to maybe find something new that I wasn't aware of. Now that I've explained the new thread, a possible format and list to follow.

As I put my list together I realize I need to break it up a little. I''m going to put my list into 2 types: Software and Hardware This is exactly how I list them in my bookmarks - in two separate folders (the number of links per folder listed next to category). I have too many to list but the site I do list, I visit many times in one day.

I''m a PC gamer and here is my list (in no particular order):

Software Links: 19 - Great site period. - Same as above. - Great site. Rich is the man! (Oh yeah and that other guy Bill is cool too.. )I went with Rich and his brother to my first E3 show in LA. Never forget it either.. (This is not why he is on my list though. It''s a heavy RTS site but I really enjoy the down to earth opinion's I get from the quick takes of all game types) Plus - the site (I think) is primarily PC. - I like this site - This was a great site for so long - started getting very heavy into console but now I''ve been going back quite a bit.

Hardware Links: 27 - Really good site - Great site - Often overly technical. - Another quality site.

Other: Not the most rapidly updated - but high in quality (And mainly PC)

Of course I have to say I really do enjoy this site. (That''s why I''m here - Right?) The news is good but I can really relate to the type of community drawn here and it has much to do with the name of the site.

I''m sure I leaving out some of my favorites but you get the idea.

Maybe some of you know of other good sites that I haven't heard of??


You''re probably looking for this one.

One more I forgot:

Not that it''s at the top of my list, but what about

Actually I''ve been looking for good gaming sites. I don''t use this site as a news site, but rather as much more of a forum site. My home page is set to, I think that''s a great news site, primarily PC focused.

I also frequent Evil Avatar but that site has fallen the f*ck off the last few months, largely due to changes in staff I''d say. It''s more a European site than anything nowadays.

Gamespot was one of my favorites until they went pay...$24.95 is twice most magazine subscriptions.

It''s more a European site than anything nowadays.

Eh? I''m really curious what it is that gives you that vibe?


Mainly Spunior. Spunior and Azure Chicken do 90% of the news posting there these days, and both of them are from Europe. At least half of what they post is related directly to Europe, and frankly I could care less about anything. I didn''t even know what PAL was until they started posting.

The forums are also largely European posters. They all seem to get a lot out of the site, but I don''t anymore.

Actually Azure Chicken is from Canada and I''m pretty sure Pureboy and Emabulator both beat him out on actual news posting.

I''ve always liked Spunior and his posts, he always finds some stuff you just won''t get anywhere else.

I''d heartily disagree about EA being a European site. I think the posters have been thoughtful enough to include European news, but the inclusion of such news does not make it a European site. You might as well call it a Japanese site, because it occasionally includes Japanese sales numbers. My point being it''s aiming at a broader appeal than simply American interests. Actually, looking at the front page right now, I don''t see a single post that''s exclusively European.

I''m not saying your impression is wrong (how could one be). Just putting my voice into the mix.

- Elysium

Ah, I know there were two European posters, if it''s not Azure then it must be Pureboy. To be frank, I''m not impressed with Spunior''s news posting. That page is not user-friendly when it comes to 15 news postings a day, as it makes you scroll down several feet on a ""busy"" news day. Most of Spunior''s news tends to be frivolous (games 90% of us never heard of) and subjective at best. A lot of the reviews are oddly posted (seemingly taken from random sites... every game is reviewed by hundreds of websites, why link to this one, etc.). Hardly any news is ""exclusively"" European with the invention of the internet because importing a game or ordering one online is only a button click away, but that doesn''t mean it''s interesting to anyone outside of Europe. Just how I feel about it.

""games 90% of us never heard of""

Look I know what you mean but without the posting on EA you might never had heard of Anno 1504, which is a great game. I can''t imagine that you would discredit a site because they bring you news you wouldn''t hear somewhere else, that can only be counted as a positive point right?