Arx Fatalis

So I ordered this today, from what I have seen of reviews it seems to be a pretty good rpg. Is anyone playing it? If so what's your opinion of the game?

It is some frustrating fun, no more and no less than that. If you keep GameFaqs handy you should enjoy yourself though, very old school fun.

The gesture system is not very pleasent for forming spells but some people seem to that Black and White style of casting. I''d avod being a pure caster if I played through it again.

Anyone that relates anything to Black and White I would stay VERY FAR AWAY FROM!

Couldn''t even get it to run on my PC! After loading the menu screen (didn''t) appear, for some reason I couldn''t see any text at all ,even after patching this still wouldn''t work, back to the shop for a refund! Ah the joys of PC gaming!

This was either 30 or 40 at Target and had me tempted.