Certis a little old news on the Jedi stuff... Welcome to last week

Welcome to last week

Sorry, did this turn into AICN when I wasn''t looking?

We''re not really a moment to moment news site. Occasionally we''ll find out something you already knew about, case in point, but want to make a comment or two on it, or just pass it along as a conversation piece, you know, like a book about Architecture or a fertility idol. Again, I stress, we are not competitors for somethine like Evil Avatar or Bluesnews.

- Elysium

Well regardless I think the stuff they are doing with the jedi is a great step in the right direction.
oh oh....
does that mean this has to be moved over to the games forum, or does everything else include games also....
Is it possible to be off topic in an off topic forum.....
Jesus, too much caffiene

Do me a favor Valcron, whenever you feel like pointing out that some news I post is old just take a stick and whack yourself between the eyes. Then go read the Shack or something

*Male Organ*

Consider this a warning Valcron, it was a joke. Notice the

No need for personal attacks here.

- Certis

Someone has killed the Everything Else Category! You bastards!

This will take some extra fancy pants-ing to fix!

Ummm, hey,.,

I was kidding when I said Penis, you do know that shesshh?

Okay, next time shall I do this next time?

You see how my humor is dictated on the internet? Shesshh

Well I''m glad that''s sorted out.