The Animatrix

I'm kind of a sucker for good animation so I thought it was quite good. The part with the woman getting roughed up was especially gripping, it really creeped me out.

It's over here

Yeah, it was pretty good, really liked the Vietnam reference with the ''bot being shot executioner style. Or the guy making pot shots at the bulldozer burial, some interesting content to build on there.

Yeah, I grabbed this this morning. Great! Can''t say enough good things.

Animation wise, I thought it was great, I love the old style robots mixed with the newer technology robots (like the pic of the girl on the front page of GWJ).

My only problem with it, was that it was too short. I wanted the whole backstory as I watched the first part. I just liked that animation so much, and thought it''s presentation was so good that I would''ve been more than happy had they given us the whole thing through that style.

But I do look forward to the coming parts/styles/takes on the story.

Oh yeah, the protrayals of real life scenes re-done in this short were good, and probably made the scenes a bit stronger than they would''ve normally been.

I''d like to check it out, but it seems I''m not allowed to. I get the page to select the screen size, and that''s as far as I can get. Server''s probably a little overwhelmed. I''m not really much of an anime fan, but maybe this will be good.

Maybe they should''ve put up a ""Graphic violence and nudity"" warning before I watched it while eating my lunch. Nothing like a good skull-squeeze to make you spit Mountain Dew out your nose.

Thanks for the link JD, worked really well.

Now that I''ve seen it, it''s not bad, but it''s hardly a new story. The idea of man creating machines that rebel against him later has been done quite a few times. I guess that''s one of the problems I had with the first movie. Yes, it was a good movie, but I hated listening to people talk about how original the concept was.