Mmmmm...64 Slices of American Cheese

Today's filler story reminded me of a billion classic Simpson's moments that I'd forgotten. I thought it might be fun to recall some of the classsics. What's your favorite?

- Elysium

I have to say my favourite moments often come from Ralph wiggum:

""This the sandbox....I''m not alowed in the deep end! And this is the rock where I met the Leprechaun....he tells me to burn things.""
Ralph: ""Hi Principal Skinner. Hi Super Nintendo Chalmers.""


Argh, so many to choose from....

""God bless those pagans.""
""Ha ha! Look at this country! ? U R Gay!? Ha ha!""
""I like my beer cold, my TV loud, and my homosexuals flaming.""


Any ralph quote is worth a good chuckle..

Go banana!

It taste like..... burning...

I bent my wookie!

I can''t believe they made a 25 best simpsons episodes list and left out the Scorpio episode.


That Scorpio episode was fantastic. Definitely in the top 25 for sure!


I am so smart SMRT!
Save me Jeebus!
No TV and no beer makes homer something, something

I also agree with almost anything Ralph says.

As for the rest, there a just too many to list!

Speaking of the Simpsons, has anyone heard when season 3 is to be released on dvd?

I was totally thrilled to see that Futurama''s first season comes out in March on dvd! Good stuff.

oh yea, one I forgot but love.

In German superhero voice:

""The Goggles...They do NOTHING!!!!!""

There really are to many to list.

Homer: ""oh Lord, I know I should not eat thee..""
Marge: ""Homer, that''s not God, that''s a waffle Bart stuck up there this morning.""
Homer: <munch> ""Mmmmm....sacrilicious.""


From the police woman Marge episode where Homer is trying to get her pepper spray to put on his eggs:

""C''mon, Marge. One squirt and you''re south of the border!""

Eating the pepper sprayed eggs: ""Mmmmm... Incapacitating...""