Gamers with hobbies?

Curious what the rest of you guys like to do with your free time besides game. I know that some of you manage to pursue interest's other than gaming on occasion, right?

Anyway's, for myself, aside from playing guitar, fanatically collecting books, and a new interest in pc case modding, I love the outdoors. Living in Washington state makes for an interesting year. In the summer I almost totally closet the gaming addiction. Summers up here are amazing and there is just so much to do. Hiking, surfing (I know that sounds odd, but it's true) camping are a few things I actively pursue every summer.

I've been seriously thinking of picking up a kayak this year to play around in. With the Puget Sound and Hood Canal there are so many places I wanna explore. If anyone has any advice on this, I'd love to hear it.

Scuba diving is also something I'd love to give a go, but the startup cost's are a little steep for me.

The other 8 months of the year it's back to gaming.

When I''m back in California, I go mountain biking and hicking. I''m into Pen and Paper role-playing, reading and collecting books, pool, and cooking.

Every year my friends and I take a camping trip and spend the weekend playing RPG, CCG, goofing off. We don''t fish, hunt, or anything like that.

I''m also working on writing modules for the Lord of the Rings RPG from Decipher, Birthright 3E, and Living Kalamar.

I''m a home theatre freak. I have around 400 or so DVDs.

Other than my tech hobbies, I enjoy drinking with friends (I''m in college.) and swimming. I also go to at least one movie a week.

Every year my friends and I take a camping trip and spend the weekend playing RPG, CCG, goofing off.

Your bring those two things together and yet the universe doesn''t collapse? Wow.

"Certis" wrote:
Every year my friends and I take a camping trip and spend the weekend playing RPG, CCG, goofing off.

Your bring those two things together and yet the universe doesn''t collapse? Wow. :o

Well we camp in a Cabin.

Aside from games, I''ve been doing a little PC case modding every once in a while. I''ve also recently started playing Warhammer 40k with some friends.
During the summer, I work at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, doing military re-enactment stuff. Let me tell you, you haven''t lived until you''ve fired off a cannon.

Drinking with friends, soccer, reading, thats all there is to it.

Camping (some of the best = Great Smoky Mtns), reading and don''t laugh... ice skating. My girlfriend was in the junior olympics back in the day for figure skating so she has me doing it for exercise

I''m a computer nerd, and love doing hacking away at things.

I ride sportbikes, which is pretty much a hobby...

Snowboarding, i''ve been doing that for a long time now.

Reading, watching movies... That''s it for the general stuff, I like the camping/fishing and all that as well, i just don''t get to do it very often.

I used to collect toys as well...not so much now though.

Ice Hockey in the winter, Mountain Biking in the summer and going for walks/hikes with my wife and our 3 dogs year round. I used to be a car guy spending most of my time with a wrench in my hand and under the hood of a car but its funny how marrage eats up most of your disposable time and money. I''m still a gearhead at heart but just watch other guys work on cars on T.V. now.

I enjoy Wakeboarding and Boating. Damn Expensive hobbies, but what a blast.

I would like to read more, but I don''t seem to have the time.

Camping (some of the best = Great Smoky Mtns),*snip!*

I''m near them and want to go camping in them this summer as well.. I""ve heard it''s great! I''ve driven all over them, but haven''t actually camped there yet.

My hobbies basically revolve around music and reading. =P


I like to camp, hike, and goto strip bars.

I used to read more, hike, and watch lots of old samurai flicks... Nowadays it''s 75% work, 10% videogaming addiction, 10% lifting weights, and 5% that order.

I personally like to tear up the countryside and ruin the enviroment on my yz400 dirtbike

or kicking back with a few beers and my guitar

I sell vital fluids for money. Oh wait, this is the hobbies thread. Getting dizzy...

I think one of my hobbies is working on stuff in the new house. I can''t tell if it''s a hobby or a just another responsibility, though. I currently need help building some bookshelves.

My hobbies pretty much vanish during the wintertime. I hibernate. Lately I''ve been watching basketball in the evenings and trying to coax Quicken into finding a hidden cache of money somewhere.

When spring shows up, I''ll go get my fishing license and spend some time in the streams. I''ll probably explore the city some more since I''m calling it home now. Funny how a place can be your hometown after only 4 months.

And reading is fundamental.

What part of TN Danazer?

Mt. Biking, Skiing, and just about any sport I can watch. I have season tickets to the Patriots and I am a hopeless Red Sox fan. It''s the equitant of bashing your head into the wall about 400 times every September. Somehow I keep coming back for more.

I am also somewhat into RC planes, but after a few wrecks it''s hard to find the money, or time to get back into it. There''s nothing like seeing something you built fly....and crash

I do a lot of heavy driking. Of course I guess some people would consider this a problem as opposed to a hobby but I consider myself an open minded person.

biking, jogging and starting beach volleyball. Other than that trading card games (Shadowfist yay) and being out with my friends a lot. Actually I am out almost every evening now that I think of it. Gaming became a weekend hobby once I got my job.