Birthday wishes

Well yesterday was my birthday and today all I have to show for it is a monster hangover a small amount of change and the strange red stone in my palm has started to flash, wonder whats up with that? Well onto the post topic at hand;

What do you want on your birthday?

As usual I didn't get any of mine which are in no particular order:

A dark elf Realdoll (hmm could have problems explaining this when it arrives at the door!)

C&C generals (you'd think Westwood could have got this out for my birthday!)

IGI 2.

A new PC.

A R1 yahama Motorbike.

and all the other regular crap like world peace, free love(without any of the nasty diseases), lots of money, to be rich and powerful (like our CEOs), etc, etc.

I could go on but Elysiums just demanded his juice and he's carrying the "extra punishment" whip and looking distinctly unhappy...NO NO I'M SORRY I'LL NEVER SPILL YOUR JUICE AGAIN...Noooooo!

werd, happy belated birthday kegboy!

R1 huh? You ride then?

I''m after an R6 or a GSX-R600 .... I found an excellent R6 (black fram *drool*) and a blue/white gixxer, but I won''t have the funds to get a new ride till probably June.. (feel free to send me money anyone!).

Riding a kawi500 currently (well, i''m not riding now, too much snow and too cold, but you know what I mean).

My birthday isn''t until october... but as stated above, I''ll take donations towards my bike now


Happy birthday. I have to wait until October, so I have plenty of time to work on a list. For the most part though, I prefer cash, in small denomination, unmarked bills.

Yes, happy birthday grunt. You''ll get a bonus $100 bucks taken off your check this week so I can buy myself something pretty.

Perhaps if you''re good I''ll let you see the gift you bought me.

Drivers license.

You''ll get a bonus $100 bucks taken off your check this week so I can buy myself something pretty.

Thank you Dark Overlord and Master!
(Master''s good to us, he likes his preciouses does Master! Don''t hurt me Master, Kegboy promises to be a good Intern, Yes he swears it on the masters preciouses!)

See Kriegshund this is the blissful existence to which you too will soon belong. I can buy myself something pretty.

oooh, me hopes it comes in a box... then me can play in the box..


I''m usually happy having mom make me some nice homemade dinner, hey I''m a bachelor =), and then going out for a few beer''s with the pals.

But if I''m dreaming, having someone get me a new AMD 2700 would be nice!