Console and PC demographics of GWJ

I like going through old threads in an attempt to find something still relevant. I play PC, PS3, and recently Wii (Xenoblade Chronicles) on a regular basis.

When I was a Macintosh zealot (1992 to 2007), I went on a console binge.

I am back firmly in the PC camp, and very, very rarely play the PS3, and have a nice white brick which resembles a Wii. I can only confirm that the external LED works on that box.

I would love to have an XBox360 to play with the community, but I barely have time to play games on the PC (I am just finishing Torchlight to show how far behind the curve I am).

Wow. One hell of a thread necro.

Ipod Touch

Oh, forgot about Android. I love Meteor Blitz.

PC gets 90% or so of my playtime
DS/Gameboy (series) gets about 7-8%
Lots of legacy consoles receive the remaining 2-3%

Although the PC always remains dominant by far, it depends on the month by how much.

MilkmanDanimal wrote:

Wow. One hell of a thread necro.


Own and percentage of attention by household of 5 and one on the way

PC - 6%
PS3 - 79%
PS2 - 1%
Wii - 2%
PSP - 5%
GBC - 0%
Android - 1%
iTouch - 6%
DS - 0%

Wife wants a 360 for Dance Central

I read this from the start thinking it was current. I was wondering why so many people were still playing their PS2?


Anyway, I am primarily a PC gamer. I have an 360 but I only use it for couch co-op with my wife. I I also play IOS games all the time on my commute. I have 10gb + of em.


and IOS on my 1 hour commutes

If I were to label myself I'm primarily a PC gamer but haven't been playing much lately.

Currently I have a PS3 , a PSP and a modern PC. I also have a DSi that largely sits unused. Only system generally sees use at a time, I tend to play one game heavily rather than skip around. Right now the PSP is the one in action. Rocksmith is pretty much permanently implanted in my PS3 and sees almost daily use, but I don't necessarily see that in the same light as my other gaming time.

I owned an Xbox 360 and Wii at points prior but got my use out of both and no longer have them. I gave the Wii away to a family who had a broken one and I traded my Xbox for the PSP and a bunch of games. After getting my time with Forza and Gears of War, there was little left that was exclusive to Xbox that I wanted to see, and achievements and Live Gold hold no interest for me.

I think I have been pretty vocal about where my fanboyism lies:)

I'm 50/50 between PC & Vita right now. The PS3 and Xbox are largely unused, except as media devices.

PC. Some 360. Less iPhone. I occaisionally dust my Wii.

SallyNasty wrote:

I think I have been pretty vocal about where my fanboyism lies:)

Well sure, but when this thread gets dredged up in 9 years, who's gonna know?

I'd say that for myself, I sit at 50% Xbox 360, 40% PC and 10% iOS.
I do own a PS3 and Wii but they don't get used for anything but Netflix for the last year or so.

MilkmanDanimal wrote:

Wow. One hell of a thread necro.

Tell me about it. I saw a 2003 timestamp and thought "Wow, GWJ is old". Then read all the "PS2, GameCube, Xbox" consoles and was like "Holy Hell, GWJ is OLD!"

SallyNasty wrote:

I think I have been pretty vocal about where my fanboyism lies:)

Totally man.

Nokia N-Gage fo' LYFE!

Depending on whether or not I'm on a Persona 3 Portable binge, 90% of my gaming is either on my PSP or my 3DS. The remaining 10% is on my Wii.

I pretty much only play on my PC and my 3DS. I'll be getting a WiiU (I long ago sold my Wii) and that will be the only console I'll buy. I just don't have much interest in a game unless it's on the PC or from Nintendo.

In order from most use to least use:

Every day: Xbox 360
Semi-regularly: iPad/iPhone
Rarely but I totally thought it would've been more: PC
Neglected: Wii
Wife forgets she owns one: DS
Only bought it for one game: PS2 (Shadow of the Colossus still in the tray probably)
Really, it's only hooked up for pride of place: Dreamcast

PC for everything but Rock Band and Angry Birds. I have tendonitis which flares up when I use console controllers, so it's a pain thing. I had to find a really weird ergo mouse to continue with the pc, too.

XBox is my platform of choice, as that's where my friends are, plus the ease-of-use.
iPad gets a lot of love, too. Probably close to even with the 360, now that I think about it.
And then there's my kitchen table, which is an excellent board gaming platform.

I guess I'm along the lines of:
PSP - 40%
DS - 30%
360 - 20%
PS3 - 10%

If I included watching videos then the PS3 would be a lot higher!

I used to be a lot more into iOS gaming but my iPod Touch is now out of date and I have no particular plans to upgrade.

I'm divided inaccurately as follows:
75% on my 3DS (Devil Survivor binge)
10% PC
10% PSP
5% Wii

This is certain to change when I get around to the PSP Persona games.

The 360 makes things easy, it has simple-as-could-be multiplayer, plus it's hooked up to a big TV and I sit on a comfy couch. Probably 75% of my gaming on that, 15% PC (even though I have far too many Steam games), and 10% Android phone/tablet (i.e., pooping time).

Last year was something like:
PS3: 50%
PC: 20%
360: 20%
Wii: 5%
3DS: 5%

This year so far:
PC: 85%
PS3: 10%
everything else: 5%

That'll probably shift some near the end of the year. I go where the games I want to play are.

I mostly play games on my PS3 and my iPad. I don't own a Wndows PC, but I do play games occasially on my Mac. I played on it a lot more back when I played WoW (and Diablo temps me daily). The Xbox is for family games and gets more use from the kids then me. The kids also play with the Wii on occasion, but I have abandoned it to them.

Every generation, I get into the state where I feel like I'm finished with PC gaming once and for all. So I repeat the cycle of buying every new console, play the hell out of them for six months, and then revert back to PC for the vast majority of the time. I want to say I'll know better for 2013 but no promises.

One thing that is dead for sure is handheld gaming for me. I bought a DS but rarely used it. I just have no interest in them, nor does my life put me into situations where I would like to use them that much.

For me it depends on what platforms the games that I want to play are on and which version of them I like the best. Right now for me it's:

PS3: 75%
PC: 5%
360: 15%
Wii: 5%

The numbers for the PS3 and the 360 will probably flip when I decided to pick up Mass Effect 3 which will probably be after the DLC drops. Heck, if I could get back into playing Starcraft, the PC number would go up.

Since purchase / Currently

PS3: 2% / 0.3%
360: 4% / 0.6%
PC: 94% / 99.1%

The consoles have been worthwhile purchases, but only because of games like RDR, Uncharted, Shadow Complex, and inFamous. Don't tell my wallet that, though.

kuddles wrote:

One thing that is dead for sure is handheld gaming for me. I bought a DS but rarely used it. I just have no interest in them, nor does my life put me into situations where I would like to use them that much.

I commute as much as 3-4 hours a day and I share a single TV so those are the main reasons I do so much handheld gaming these days.

I'll let the picture speak for itself:IMAGE(

I got rid of my PS 2 a long time ago and have been primarily a PC gamer since then. I like the Steam sales, the freedom to download mods, and lots of PC-specific titles like Civilization, Starcraft, Diablo, and Total War. I'm probably going to go pick up a Wii soon for the kid.