Surfing the web

I remember the first time I thought how really, really cool the Internet was. (My clean version )

I was in college and we were playing, (ugh name escapes me) some barbarian, dwarf, and sorceress Sega Genesis game. It was actually very cool that it was multiplayer, anyway we were getting our ass kicked and my college roommate said "enough of this!". He went on his Macintosh and found cheat codes on some obscure site to allow us to have unlimited guys. In the matter of 4 minutes we were rocking the game. As nerdy as it sounds it was like this unbelievable moment. There was no way I would have been able to find out that we could get the codes needed to advance in this game. I would have just shrugged my shoulders and put the game back like so many others I got stuck on. I had come to know the Internet as a source for some news, business, and well, nudity, but for video game news and hints?! Amazing.

I think that was the first time I really realized that any information was only seconds away.

Hey without the internet what are the chances that any of us would know each other? (in a Cartman voice ""I love you guys )The internet revolutionised communications and games for the better. I remember when if you wanted to play a multiplayer PC game you had to cart your monitor PC etc round to your friends house now it''s just a couple of clicks away. It''s so easy to take it for granted (and boy right now my office proxy servers doing a damn good impression of a 56k modem and reminding me of how much I take a T1 connection for granted!!!) People argue that the internet allowed ""release it and patch it later"" culture to spring up but before the internet if your game was bugged, too damn bad! So much that we now take for granted just wasn''t possible before the ''net and I for one am damn glad of it!

Pulse, you weren''t playing Golden Axe were you?

Anyway, yeah, the internet has been responsible for a huge part of the growth of the games industry. I mean, a new game comes out, especially FPS, and we just assume there''s online multiplayer. I seem to recall the originial Diablo had multiplayer only over IPX/SPX. Now, most people don''t even know there IS such a protocol.

Kriegshund, Thank You!

Damn, I couldn''t think of the name of that game for the life of me.

How quirky was it chasing and stomping those little elves around the fire in between levels to get blue viles of health? BOING, BOING..

Yeah that was a pain. I still have that game too, along with the Genesis. I remember playing it in the arcade with a friend of mine. We could actually beat it on 1 quarter each. Ahh, geekiness.