Your computer could be killing you

I heard it plotting with the toaster....

Real Story here

Regardless of what you're doing, whether it's playing on the computer or watching TV or playing video games (and the list goes on) you should always take breaks. Get up and stretch, walk around.

This is a nice little heads up for everyone as I know that we sometimes forget to take breaks and give the limbs a stretch!

It''s a dark day when sitting can kill you. Not that I don''t believe these studies, I''m apt to believe just about anything that seems reasonable, and this seems reasonable.

All I know is that reading on the toilet is out...wouldn''t want my epitaph to have anything embarrassing about being killed by sitting for too long on the thunder bucket...

No more embarrassing than Elvis'' demise. Just be sure to pick the right literature to be reading while on the crapper.

You mean pick the right magazine for spanking, since that was what the ""king"" was doing.

Actually, he was reading the Bible. Maybe he wanted a sneak preview of the afterlife.

There are so many stories of what he was doing/reading we will never know but my vote is for something strange.