Consolidating the Lucas galaxy

Lucas to consolidate 4 companies

Someone forwarded me this news link this morning. Quite an interesting move, I'd think that having the companies as seperate entities would be better. Apparently not!

Ohhh , I meant to report that yesterday! Thanks for the reminder.

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I don''t see how consolidating would do much for them besides save money (something I''m in favor of).

Although, Tim Schafer did say he wishes the companies worked together more back when he was still with Lucasarts, which is what happened last year when ILM and Lucasarts worked together on Bounty Hunter, so maybe more cooperation would mean good things for fans besides the longevity of the company.

Priority #1 would be to get Indiana Jones and Star Wars trilogy on DVD pronto if I had any say in anything...

ooh.. yes sir!

Here''s your Coffee sir!

I''m sure Elysium just needs his juice.. so he''s not as cranky.

So there will be less companies producing crap?

They should always outsource their titles to companies like BIoware and Factor 5.

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Damn, interns.

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OJ and Coffee

I really feel like joining Kegboy and Cuebert in their crusade against the axis-of-eeevil but I''m waaay too happy with mi internness right now. Peace and lovin'' bros!

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