Just Like Spider-Man!

I wish I could do this.

Even by accident like that guy would be pretty cool.

That''s awesome. Do you know how many chicks that guy will pick up now?

That''s just simply amazing. Too bad no one had a video camera and managed to capture that on tape!

That is possibly the luckiest man alive. Considering he wasn''t wearing a seatbelt he should have been a red smear on the road.

Damn lucky it wasn''t a live power cable.....

Two things:
How many people think we''ll see that picture on a poster this year advocating wearing your seat belt.

Also, is there an EE out there who can answer this, since all I really know about electricity is what has been jolted into me when I shock myself. Let''s assume the wires up there weren''t insulated. If he grabbed onto a bare power line, would he get zapped? I''m thinking he would be less of a conducter than the wire he''s holding on to and the circuit would remain completed through the wire. Now if he accidentally came in contact with something else conductive up there, he''d become a new circuit and have considerably less hit points than he does now. Is this true or am I confusing cartoons and real life again?