Enclave recommendation


Download the Enclave demo, i gotta admit it's a lot of fun.... Cool Diabloesque dungeon romp game.

I really enjoyed the XBox version of this. A fun and challenging hack and slasher. Pretty long too.

I wonder if the PC will have any multiplayer, I think that would be cool....

As far as I know there won''t be any multiplayer modes in Enclave PC. It''s more or less a straight port of the Xbox version.

I hadn''t payed attention to this title before, partially because I don''t have an Xbox (yet). But after taking a quick glance at the screens, I decided that the demo was worth a quick download and try.

Still downloading it as we speak, hopefully I''ll get a chance to give it a quick run at lunch.

Anyone know how good this is? On the X-Box, it felt like a poorly converted PC game...maybe the design will work better on a more open platform.

I put a couple minutes into this demo. It was a neat hack-n-slash type game, but not having the choice to save anywhere (demo limitation maybe?) really didn''t help my impression of it.

Like I said, I haven''t played the Xbox version of this, so I can''t compare the platforms.

I liked it for the most part, maybe if I find the time, I''ll actually play it all the way through the demo. I found checkpoints that I activated, but no save? I''m sure I just didn''t look into the menus as well as I should have.. I just wanted to play it.. hehe

The save stuff was kinda lame, but man the game was fun and it played well enough to enjoy....

pffft don''t get me started on you save-anywhere freaks.