What classic game would you like to see remade?

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I'm ready to see a return of games based on alternative campaign settings for D&D.


Outside of Torment being one of the best games ever, it seemed like this setting had a TON of potential. I could never understand why they didnt choose to expand on it.

Dark Sun!!!!!!!

I spent way-too-many hours of my youth playing AD&D (2nd edition for those recently acquainted with DnD) in the Dark Sun setting. Planescape, too, would be great, but I personally feel that Dark Sun has been neglected for too long. The little hint of it one gets in Shadows of Amn (the dwarves) was a total tease!

Back when Neverwinter Nights first came out I played an MMO based on Dark Sun using the Aurora Toolset, it was great. If only Black Isle would have taken the plunge there.

Dark Sun and Planescape are two of the best, underutilized D&D settings, period. Planescape is definitely my personal favorite though. But as to why they get no attention? Because all the authors write for Forgotten Realms. Drizzt, Elminster and that whole gaggle get a ton of attention and money, so it's all most folks know.

Street Fighter 2010, complete with updates to all the awesome music.

I'm gonna go ahead and mention Privateer again as the recent GWJ podcast reminded me of it. Such fond memores. Why would they not make any more games like this? Why!?!?!

Anyone mention Mail Order Monsters?

One of my coworkers walking around showing new people the sights reminded me of this one:


More specifically, the best lemmings of all:

Lemmings 2: The Tribes

I know they went on to make 3d lemmings, but IMHO that ended up being just as bad as Worms 3d.

I figure a remake into a platformer would be awesome, with high res textures, real physics, some new features.. mmm. Heck, even a Braid like time reversal option to fix those 'oh crap!' events

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I'm going to post Pizza Tycoon for the third time here, yes. I realise there are several sequels and/or remakes, but they STANK.

Sim/tycoon games all seem so bland since I played Pizza Tycoon. Tycoon games need corruption, sabotage, mafia shenanigans. What good is power if you can't abuse it?

Hmm yeah the tycoon games are pretty good. I've always wanted a combination of Transport Tycoon Deluxe & Sim City.

Yeah, an updated Lemmings would be perfect on XBL.