What classic game would you like to see remade?

I''m gonna go with some C64 games:

Heart of Africa
Pirates (I know I know...)
Ultimate Wizard
Epyx Olympic series (Winter Games, Summer Games, California Games, World Games, etc.)

I now vote for Loderunner.

I was trying to think of Darklands not that long ago. I remember playing it, and I thought it was great, but I couldn''t remember what it was called. Once again, the font of knowledge that is GWJ comes through.

Some games that I remember playing that I wish they would remake would be:

Matrix Cubed - ( A Buck Rogers, top down view Sci-fi D&D type game) I just loved all the cool weapons, Venusian laser rifles, Martian Plasma Launchers, and you got to move a ship from planet to planet, there was even space combat and pirates could board your ship

Full Throttle - They were so close to remaking this game and it fell apart, I was really looking forward to it.

Elite - I just think this open ended space combat game was awesome. You could mount weapons on all sides of your ship and you could switch views so you could use each one, good for shooting missles that are chasing you as you try to escape them The AI was cool too, certain ships behaved differently, and the government type of each solar system determined the percentage of friendly/pirate types you would run into. Anarchy governments were always fun to see how long you could last with your current ship setup before you had to hyperspace out of there. There were 8 galaxies with hundreds of solar systems and many different ways to make a living, you could be a law abiding trader, or a bounty hunter, or an evil pirate blowing everything that moves out of the sky. You could even be a miner with a mining laser and fuel scoop mounted to your ship

Boy, I''m really getting the urge to load those games up

Atari 2600 Combat. The multiplayer on the original holds up quite well, I found out recentley.

I can''t argue with Kid Icarus... I have pages upon pages of passwords from my youth, working through that game with a friend.

Blaster Master would be great to see remade, with the already awesome music performed by an orchestra, and the ""dungeon"" sequences reworked with better graphics.

Master of Magic, as mentioned, would be wonderful in a remake. New areas, perhaps a campaign mode, new items, new spells., new forces... this was one of those few games that made me late for class frequently. I remember once, even calling and telling my choral director that I had terrible diarrhea before class, just so I could race my paladins around the land a bit longer.

X-Com: UFO Defense Just an update on the original. No silly, teeny-bopper real-time combat, just a straight graphical update.

System Shock 2 Actually, it''s pretty much great the way it is. How about System Shock 3?

Choplifter I still remember the original one on the Sega Master System. I''d love to see a faithful graphical update!

Little Computer People ?

Mutant League Football - I defy any game today to replicate the same amount of fun that was produced in that game. Killing the ref, tackling people into land mines (and killing them), throwing bombs at the Halftime Band (and killing them), knocking opponents into firepits (and, of course, killing them). Probably the most fun sports game i''ve ever played.

Shadowrun - Although I preferred the Sega version over the SNES version, I honestly don''t understand how there hasn''t been a remake or a sequel to this.

Matrix Cubed

That was my first appearance of Fang Blackbone as one of my six player party. He was one of the Martian beastmen like race and a brawler.

Loderunner would rock if they could make it Mario 64ish

Choplifter I still remember the original one on the Sega Master System. I''d love to see a faithful graphical update!

I almost mentioned that one. I didn''t even know that game was on the Sega Master System. I played it on two earlier systems: Apple IIe and Atari 7800.

Wow, so many great suggestions! Personally, I''d go for:

Ultima Underworld 1 & 2
System Shock
Terra Nova
Crusader: No Remorse & No Regret

Although I certainly won''t mind graphics and sound updates for UW, SS and TN, the main update I''d be looking for would be to their control schemes.

To add something of my own:

Star Control 2

It''s still very playable, but I wouldn''t mind an upgrade. Isn''t there a fanmade project underway to port this to Win95?

"phyrz" wrote:

Can anyone think of a game that out-underworlds Underworld?

I''m hoping that maybe S.T.A.L.K.E.R. will fill the void. If only they''d make a RPG set in the Thief universe with a modern graphics engine. I would so be all over it.

"Gorak" wrote:

-Airborne Ranger

There was actually a newer game by MicroProse that came pretty close to this, though it was a bit more tactical. I think it was called Special Forces...

Ok, some more ides from me, but firstly I have to resolutely agree with Syndicate. This game with coop would be like Deus Ex to the power of 4.

Many of classic adventures made in early Lucas Arts SCUMM engine would tremendously benefit from Monkey Island 3 style facelift. Day of the Tentacle, Beneath The steel Sky, Monkey Island 1 and 2, even The Dig would be sure hits with same storylines and MI3-like graphics. Sam & Max are coming in 3D anyway, although I still believe that it would be better that they stuck with hi-res cartoon-like 2D.

Then, there is potentialy fantastic Beat''em''Up - Barbarian. Either as pure Soul Blade style kill''em all for console or even maybe some sort of Kain type third-person action for PC.

What about Millennium 2.2 and Deuteros?

North and South. Hillarious.

Captain Blood. remember talking with weird aliens in ""Me Tarzan, you Jane."" language?



Iron Lord


I gotta cast another vote for Atari Combat. I used to OWN people on the tank levels, especially the ""bouncy bullet"" levels. Turns out I knew geometry well before it was taught in school. Too bad I still sucked at it.

I think Choplifter would be pretty boring these days, all you did was pick people up in a chopper and drop them off 2 screens down. I''ve seen more complicated Orbitz pop-under games. That said, I *loved* playing it on my neighbor''s Apple ][e. We only had a stupid IBM Turbo XT. Crappy games.

Wow, tons of good suggestions. Here''s a few more...

Covert Action - silly as it could be, the fact that it had puzzles based
on Crypt Breaker''s Workbench just clinched it for me. And the idea
of following a conspiracy through both time and space was unique, I''ve
never seen another game with the same flow. An updated version would
be incredibly cool - if Sid could be talked into it.

Sword of the Samurai - Swordfighting, tactical combat, large battles...
Tons of fun.

Stunt Island - Perhaps the coolest of the ""lost games"". An entire
movie making system, built off of the code Disney used at the time to
storyboard films. Scripted, animated objects and DYO stunts which
you then flew or drove yourself, filming from up to about 10 cameras.
Then you spliced the film bits together, added sound and credits and
such, and you had a movie. Amazing, and Disney has locked the code
up forever.

Rocket Jockey and the original UFO - These don''t count, they STILL
RUN UNDER XP! Woohoo!!!! I have UFO on my laptop for
travelling fun.

El-Fish - Why this can''t be updated is beyond me. Simple idea -
apply genetics to decorative tropical fish and breed them together to
get all sorts of cool fish, then use it as an active screen lock for when
you aren''t actually doing stuff on the system. Best way to burn cycles
until [email protected] came along. And the geek factor of an artificial fish
that took 30 minutes to animate on a 486 was significant.


Zork! Just add color to the text and it''d be an update!

Thanks for reminding me about Matrix Cubed. Ah, the memories..

"Lord_Xan" wrote:

To add something of my own:

Star Control 2

It''s still very playable, but I wouldn''t mind an upgrade. Isn''t there a fanmade project underway to port this to Win95?

Damn, Xan, you stole my thunder!! And yes, there is a perfectly playable port of the 3DO version of this game at


I had a buddy call me from a thousand miles away to tell me about this one; we used to play it nonstop on 3DO. The 3DO version had voices for all the aliens. It''s still an excellent diversion. It sucked what they did to the franchise with part 3, though

Man, Shock 1 with the Doom3 engine would be incredible. I''ve got a mint copy of Shock1, but it won;''t run on XP
It was probably only a year ago when I could finally play Shock2 alone all the way through. Funny thing was that the rebirth mod actually made it less of a nail biter. Something about those flat-paneled faces always freaked me out!

Gunship, Wasteland, good games! Anybody remember Koronis Rift? I think it was one of Lucasarts'' first. That was my favorite, until my sister put her grubby hands all over the disk. Never worked again.

Oh well, sorry for the ramble. Nostalgia can be great.... ahhh

X-com UFO defense would be my top pick. Like others have said, no screwing around, just update the graphics/animations/sounds. Thankfully someone is doing something like that already. http://ufo.myexp.de/?id=news
Hopefully they''ll stay true to the original, and only improve things that are actual improvements.

I also wouldn''t mind seeing remakes of some of SSI''s Gold Box games, and agree the Buck Rogers rpgs would be nice to see redone.

Atari 2600 Combat. The multiplayer on the original holds up quite well, I found out recentley.

Ditto on that one. My 2600 gets more of an office deathmatch workout than my PC these days;)

Other titles...

Miner 2049er -- old school platformer I''ve been replaying via (legal) emulation. Can''t remember the url, but the author of the original (and the sequel) made a really awesome Windows based emulator. Weird game, interesting concept (need to paint every platform with your feet to continue), neat level design (teleporters, elevators, a cannon), hard as a very very hard thing.

Fort Apocalypse - another 8 bit computing classic. Fly a helicopter through a massive, heavily defended cavern. Don''t die. Good luck.

Rescue on Fractalus - take the basic concept, add more 3d death spewing death and keep the green headed nightmares and I''m there with a hat and a smile.

X-Com - Played UFO: Aftermath. Was let down by its total jinkyness. Laser Squad: Nemesis is awesome, but I want single-player. Please. Someone? Anyone? No, not you, Atari. Anyone else?

3DO made several updated version of Combat.

Its called Battletanks. There were like 3-4 of them mostly on the N64.

Lot of good gaming memories in this thread.
Untold hours of my youth were spent playing M.U.L.E., Elite and Mail Order Monsters.
Wizard''s Crown was a blast. I''m sure they could make a very pretty version of Scorched Earth nowadays. Starcon2 can''t be touched.
I think the game I''d most like to see remade is Magic Carpet 2 though. When the multiplayer worked on that it was fantastic.


Blue Max

I''m gonna go with an arcade fave of mine Tournament Cyberball 2072. Such an awesome game, and it deserves to be remade with the same gameplay just more graphical goodness.

The Last Ninja, how ever many there were (3, methinks)

Sea Fox. I think that Sea Fox was actualy THE first game I ever played on home computer (Commodore64). My first touch with ""real"" computing as opposed to arcades where I spent a fortune or two... Must be at least 22-23 years ago. Oh, man, now that is a realy nice piece of memory to refresh! And then I played Dragon''s Den and Lady Tut and Phoenix and Mephisto... heehee

Wait, what was the name of that funny guy on a monocycle... BC! Right, BC''s Quest for Tires, and those blasted sinking turtles! Ooooooooh, we had so much fun with that game.

Samurai Warrior (Usagi Yojimbo) was also great!

BattleToads or TMNT

How about Tempest? I blame that game for any lingering wrist problems I may have.

I seem to remember a rumor if an updated Bard''s Tale? You know, that game from when Interplay didn''t suck? Anyone else remember hearing that rumor?

How about Tempest? I blame that game for any lingering wrist problems I may have.

There''s Tempest 2000 (PC, Atari Jaguar) and one or two Tempest titles for the Playstation.

I seem to remember a rumor if an updated Bard''s Tale? You know, that game from when Interplay didn''t suck? Anyone else remember hearing that rumor?

Nope, I don''t remember that rumor. There''s currently a new Bard''s Tale game in development, but don''t expect it to have much in common with the original series since it''s primarely being developed for console systems and is more along the lines of BG: Dark Alliance. If you want an updated Bard''s Tale experience, you have no other choice but Devil Whiskey.

The Last Ninja, how ever many there were (3, methinks)

Apparently, there is (or was) a new Last Ninja in development for Consoles at System 3 (or S3 or whatever they''re called now). Looked pretty close to the originals, but with added visual spiffiness. My only complaint...the Ninja was bright frikkin'' BLUE!

"Naked" wrote:
The Last Ninja, how ever many there were (3, methinks)

My only complaint...the Ninja was bright frikkin'' BLUE!

OI! What were they thinking? Speaking about ninjas, I saw that they remade Shinobi. Looked pretty neat, but he also was blue. Maybe that''s it?

Anyway, if only I knew how, I would make a full Thief 2 MOD and make it into Ninja game that would put shame to all other ninja games ever. Is it to late to start learning all that one needs to do that when one is 30? EDIT: Actualy, looking at it now, this is pretty much rhetorical question...

I''ll throw a vote in for Master of Magic.

Yar''s Revenge from the Atari 2600 - would be easy to remake, maybe shareware.

Bionic Commando from the hoary old NES (not the coin-op)

System Shock 1 & 2 on Doom 3 engine would be spectacular

Mutant League Football from Sega Genesis

Adventures of Link (Legend of Zelda II) from the NES

Already mentioned Autoduel in another topic, what the hey.

Windwalker (old rpg from Origin)


How about the first Might and Magic? I spent way too much time playing that.

A remake of the Nine Princes in Amber game (it was text based with rudimentary graphics) which was largely based on Roger Zelazny''s Amber series. I just re-read the series and it has held up really well. Maybe they should just use the Amber setting.

What about all of the great turn based strategy games from SSI from the early 1990''s? War in Russia, Second Front, Red Lightning.