Where it all began

That was written so long ago I can''t remember if I was being sarcastic or not.

That was written so long ago I can''t remember if I was being sarcastic or not.

I wasn''t sure either, so I figured, ""why give him the benefit of the doubt?"" Open the damned box!

On topic, my first video game was probably PacMan as well, followed by ownership of both an Atari 2600 and later the Atari 800. I have incredibly fond memories of Star Raiders...

My first Video Game was the 2 player tank battle, cabinet arcade game. Cant remeber the name of it now but it was basically the same game that came with the Atari 2600 way back when.

That game was half the fun of summer vacation at the beach, days spent at the beach & nights at the boardwalk arcades. I still remember spending most of the year saving up my allowance so that I would have plenty of ""quarters"" to spend every night while on vacation

First computer game experience of any kind was playing Bombs Away and Hunt the Wumpus on various TI minicomputers - my dad was a salesman for TI way back when.

First arcade game was Space Invaders. My dad and I used to play a couple dollar''s worth of games every weekend after racquetball.

First games I truly got addicted to were Wizard of Wor, Tempest, and Star Castle.

We got an Atari when it first came out and I played tons of Combat.

One of my other favorite early games was Parsec on the TI 994/A.

Bards Tale 1 for the Apple IIE. Thanks for bringing that machine home from work, Dad!

Pac-Man at a Pizzeria when I was only a few years old.

When a radioactive quarter fell into my palm shortly afterward, I became Videogameman, saving virtual worlds by night, going to school by day! Dun-dun-dun-DAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!


I have no idea what the first game I played was, but the first I can remember getting hooked on was the arcade version of Tempest. I think I still have problems with my wrist from playing that game.
Later, it was Bard''s Tale, Lode Runner and the Leisure Suit Larry games on the Apple //e, along with numerous Intellevision games. Anyone else remember the football game for Intellevision?

Oooo, tough one. The one I remember the most was Star Castle in the arcade. I also had a snazzy Pacman clone on my VIC-20. I was never mainstream... I had the VIC-20 when everyone else had Ataris, I finally got an Odyssey when I wanted a Commodore 64, then got an original Mac in ''84. Parents bought it for me... $3299 for that damned thing, with Macwrite and Macpaint and an Imagewriter 1 dot-matrix printer. Craziness.

But I think it was Star Castle that started it. Of course, that was in 1980, so there were probably some before then that I don''t remember.

First arcade game would have Space Invaders, console would have been one of those Bally ones.

What''s funny is I can''t remember the last arcade game I played.

My neighbor had one of the Pong machines. We played that quite abit.

My Dad brought home a Northstar computer (Intel 8080 processor that was the predecessor to the IBM PC 8086 processor) that we dialed in to his main frame at work to play Adventure. During that same time my friends had an Apple 2 that I would play Castle Wolfenstein, Hard Hat Mac, Miner 2049er, Aztec, Apple Galaxian and later Lode Runner. (Love that game!) Actually Lode Runner was the first game I used an editor for to make custom maps. Then came Intellivision and the PC. Kings Quest was THE game then.

My first was this game where you play a detective named Max Pain or Pane, it''s so long ago I forgot how you spell it. What was cool is if you press a button everything moved in slow motion. I think it was a sequal but I forget what the first game was called.

My first arcade game was Space invanders. Man I loved that game.

My first console was an Atari 2600, followed long after by a Super Nintendo.

My first PC, if you could call it that, was a Vic 20. No drisk drive or memory cartridge. So anything I did on it would disappear once the power was off. LOL I did have a couple of games for it though. Can''t remember what they were called.
My next pc after that was a 266 mhz monster! Been hooked since!

Hmmm...I''ve been playing games so long I don''t even remember what the first one was. I do remember the first system I played games on was a Commodore 64. I remember playing on a friend''s Atari alot. I remember that some of the first games I played were Pitfall, Donkey Kong, and Pole Position.

Text adventures. I remember very well seeing Pong for the first time and being absolutely amazed.

1985. A shareware adventure game for the PC in beautiful monochrome orange line-drawing graphics with text input and no sound. I don''t remember the name but the entire game fit on one 5 1/4 floppy with some space left over.

Man, that game was fun! That was the begining as well as the point of no return into the depths of my gaming addiction.

I think I had a Coleco or a... Vectrex. Or one of the Atari PONG machines. SOmething like that. I think I started playing regularly was I was six - so almost 22 years ago now.

My first game that really consumed me was a handheld (in 1983):


I still have it. And I still love handhelds.