Worst Video Games EVAR?

I was just cleaning out crap here and found my Duck Hunt NES cartridge. Thinking back just now I've been playing video games for 20 years. OMG. At any rate I've played some REALLY bad ones.

(not in any order, they all sucked)

- Xmen for NES
- Total Recall for NES
- Hockey for Intellivision (if you missed the net, the puck would go through the boards and enter the screen down the other end of the ice.)
- Myth 3 for the PC (one of the worst game launches- support wise- ever? And I liked Myth 2 so much...)
- StarWars for Sega 32X (yes, I was one of the 16 Americans who owned this system)
- Jordan vs. Bird for NES (and I freaking love Larry Bird)
- Black and White for PC (Come on now, with all the hype even people who liked this game had to expect more than was delivered?!)

I'm sure there's more I'm missing....Especially this god awful Mario Kart knockoff for the PSX..oh well, can't think of the name since it went directly into the trash after 3 minutes of playing.

I know, overall an unoriginal topic, but who doesn't love thinking back to all those horrible games we bought?

Black and White was a piece of trash, I do agree... I gotta think of some others though... hrm...

E.T. on the Atari 2600 is the absolute worst game I have ever played.

Runner up, Outpost.

One weekend, when on leave from boarding school at the age of 9, I won a bet with my father. The conditions of the bet were that if I won, I''d receive a new MegaDrive game.

Naturally, I was hugely excited.

After two weeks at school, my prize arrived in the post. I unwrapped it and found ''Sword of Sodan'', which looked like a fairly decent, albeit uninspired, Golden Axe rip-off. My father assured me that the game had received 110% in all the reviews...

When I got home to play the game.... Jesus Christ. It was, without question, the single most spastic game I''ve ever played. There are literally two frames of animation for the main character. The gameplay was endlessly repetitive, the music was depressing, and it crashed every time I reached the second level.

Thanks, Dad.

Second worst game ever was the cryptically titled '' Not Treasure Hunter '' on the PSX. I got a backup copy of this in Hong Kong several years ago on a whim. Anyone else heard of this gem? Classic stuff - Sub-32x GFX, incomprehensible Japanese storyline about ''curious swords'' and ''mystical whores'' etc.

Rise of the Robots - BIg metal pants!

I should have been smacked down for my stupidy.The lure of the screenshots was too much! Lesson learned never ever be suckered in by eye candy.

NES Deadly Towers by Broderbund. That was the last game I ever bought based on cover art.

What made Black & White the worst game evar? I played it and enjoyed the hell out of the first two or three levels. It got repetitive awful fast, and didn''t revolutionize AI as we know it as the media was suggesting at launch, but worst game? I''ll tell you what, I''d rather be trapped on a desert island with that game (and a computer and electricity), than quite a few others...

...including Pool of Radiance. What other game has been launched that could actually delete stuff from your hard drive when you tried to install. Not to mention that you couldn''t even change the install location. Not to mention that even when they released the patch so you could change the location, you still couldn''t install it if you didn''t have the space available at the default installation location. The only redeeming factor of that game was the fact that I got a free AD&D third edition hardbound players guide or something. I don''t even understand how to play pen & paper games, but the drawings and descriptions were kinda cool. Besides, I''m a sucker for instruction manuals and this was like one giant instruction manual.

Side story on that instruction manual fetish: I never got past the very beginning of Baldur''s Gate 2. You know, the part where you escape from the bad guys? I''m just not very good at full party mechanics I guess. Anyway, I love the instruction manual from the game. Great reading. It makes me want to play the game. I only wish I could. Same with Neverwinter Nights. I need someone to play through that with me because I''m so bad. I liked everything i saw, but I''m just useless.

I never got past the very beginning of Baldur''s Gate 2

Damn shame Sway. I''m currently replaying BG2 it''s one of my fave games. Best RPG ever in my opinion and Bioware always make good games but I think they,ve yet to surpass BG2.

What made Black & White the worst game evar?

heh, I knew this may strike a nerve with some because I know 2 friends who really like this game and we have this debate all the time.

One of the main things IMO that made me hate this game was the hype that the game would revolutionize the gaming industry. I hardly think so.

If they didn''t hype the hell out of it, then deliver that repetitive POS then it wouldn''t have made my list. And don''t even get me started on the ""Teach your creature"".

But, this is why we have forums, to speak our mind. So, I''ll say it again. One of my worst games EVAR!

My worst game... Flight Sim Toolkit comes to mind. I bought it together with Tornado for about twenty bucks when I was nine years old. That was a pretty bad ''game''.

Raiders of the Lost Ark for the Atari 2600. It''s bad enough that it''s a movie licence, but the fact that it''s an ""adventure"" game on a console that has a difficult time displaying ""text"" makes this one stand out as one gawd-awful game.

The manual provides a fairly good walk-through, because otherwise this game would be impossible to finish. And I do mean IMPOSSIBLE.

Also, I loved Black & White right up until I realized that I had pretty much done everything the game had to offer after only a few days of playing. The novelty of having a gigantic Tomagochi fling feces on a village of whiners lost its charm fast.

The novelty of having a gigantic Tomagochi fling feces on a village of whiners lost its charm fast.


Hey pool of radiance is another one, worst freakin game I''ve played in a while.....

Black and white was trash and I never saw what the hoopla was over it.

A lot of people hated Trespasser, but I actually enjoyed it.

"Valcron" wrote:

Black and white was trash and I never saw what the hoopla was over it.

The AI tought me to never have children. I''m apparently a very bad influence on the impressionable.

I always treated the villagers well, but I treated my tiger like crap, so he got really confused and became some sort of chaotic evil that razed the countryside. I bet my village had over forty different phrases that meant: ""God loves us, but his tiger is frigging insane!""

I can think of several games I''ve played that were either disappointing or just REALLY bad:
Meat Puppet
Black and White
Gunman Chronicles
Heavy Gear I
Top Gun: Hornet''s Nest
ANY Dreamcatcher Adventure game
Daikatana (i only tried it for a few moments before going back to the story, and I only purchased it for $2)
Rhina Rouge
Extreme Paintbrawl
Phantasmagoria (both of ''em)
ET for the Atari 2600 (if I have to get out of one more #$^#ing pit...)
Silpheed (the horrible sequel to Thexder)
Frontier: First Encounters
Dungeon Siege
There are probably more, but my scared brain is probably preventing me from remembering them.

Edit: Oh yeah, one of the worst games I''ve played in the past couple of years was Arthur''s Knight''s II: The Secret of Merlin. What a horrible, horrible game. Calling it a piece of crap is an insult to pieces of crap everywhere.