New Matrix Revolutions trailer. Discuss, now, my pretties!

Personally I was rocked. I can't believe both of those movies are coming out this year. Even if the plot is sorta blah (as long as its not insultingly blah), Ill still eat it up because of the action. I don't really expect it to blow my mind like the first one, but Im hoping it will make me blow a hole in my shorts.

BTW, check it out here

I''m going to be hated but here goes.

Bla. Loved the flying Neo bit..only not really.

If the general response on the net is positive when the movie comes out, I''ll go see it. Otherwise this is a rental for me.

If it is a good flick, the fact the the other one is coming out in the same year will be very cool indeed.

Commence your hate...

I thought it looked pretty neat, though the bits with the ""hundred agent fight"" looked pretty tacky.

Supposedly, the money shots in Reloaded is the 100 Smith fight and the car-hopping sequence. Looks pretty good, but if there are any flaws, you''ll definitely see them on the big screen.

Very, Very cool! especially the chase sequence, just hope they don''t overkill the CGI.

I thought it looked fantastic. I am seriously anxious for this movie to be released. Wow!

Oh yeah, more Trinity in skintight shiny black clothing makes me very happy.

I''ll probably go see it, and I''m sure it''ll look good, but it''ll have the same crap plot the first one did.

Looks great - can''t wait for it to come out. I saw the first one an obscene number of times in the theatre.
I was going to do a Matrix media blackout, but that fell apart pretty quickly when I heard there was a new trailer out

Maybe it''s just me.. but when they start the zoom-in/action of the 100 agent fight... the CG made me feel all tingly.

It''s not that I think it''s outstandingly great, but it has a very comic book feel to it, which just get''s the blood going.

The same could be said about the car jumping/hopping scene as well..

mmmm... matrix-y goodness...

Looks good. Although some of the wilder stuff, like the agent jumping on the car on the freeway and Neo flying around town, makes me a little nervous for some reason. Still, can''t wait to see them. MUST... FIND... BABYSITTER.

The Matrix trailer was the best thing about the Super Bowl. Well, that and Reebok''s Terry Tate, Office Linebacker commerical. My coworker and I watch the longer version throughout the day and just can''t stop laughing.

""You kill the Joe, you make some mo''.""