Okay guys(or girls), ONLINE dating

Have you tried it?

I met someone on AOL about 6-7 years ago, it didn't materialize into anything interesting.

The difference this time is that I'm thinking of using a dating service www.lavalife.com is probably the best one out there so far.

So what's the gig? Any points or is it pretty much the same sh*t? Kinda interested to hear your stories....

PS- I added in the (OR girls) to be fair, although I have doubts that we have any registered girls on this fourm....

Well, I''ve never used any of the online dating/matching services, so I can''t really give you any tips or list pros and cons (well... I''m sure I could roll out a bunch of cons).

If you''re thinking about using one of these services, just remember to be careful and really watch yourself. You never know what you''re gonna get!

If you choose to try it out, I hope it works out for you though.

I am very leery about trying something like that. Too much risk of it turning out to be a 57 year old Korean man.

I know someone who went through a dating service called Life Mates a couple years back. He went through like 15 dates over a year that never really panned out before he gave up on it. The really funny thing is he did hook up with some cool women during that time... all outside the dating service in day to day situations.

If you want to meet women, go out and hit the spots where the women are.

Then again, it never hurts to try new things either.

Find someone with a mutual interest, I guess any sports club or hobby thing can be used as a dating tool.

Online is usefull to find people but you still need to get to know them in person. I wouldn''t suggest trying to find out what the persons like online... You can never really know who your talking to
Although it is possible to have good results. The first time I talked to my wife was on AOL years ago

I know a couple of people who''ve gotten married off of different ones.

I''m on Cupid Junction and LavaLife myself (although I signed up for LL about 3 days ago)... I actually had a very good 6 month relationship off Cupid Junction and the girl wanted to marry me. To make a long story short, I told her that I wasn''t ready to support a wife and she left me a month later... Oh well

The problem with online dating services is that people get on it and expect it to get them tons of hot chicks. That''s not the case. You need to sift through the ads on them and be extremely picky. The right one out of a thousand you look at will be worth the trouble.