I've not been able to access Evilavatar and other sites I visit daily for a couple of hours now. It's kinda strange, the whole net seems to be really slow.
Is there another Code Red Worm attack or what?

You, sir, are on the ball with this one:

From CNN.com

Or it could just be the server.

I have a version of MSDE running and when i came downstairs this morning it was using 80% of my network connection(thanks windows xp).
I shut it off and shut down iis just to be safe and everything seems to have gone back to normal.

and of course theres also this

Damn. Well, when you can''t access Slashdot.org, you know something''s wrong

I can get into EA''s site now tho. Funny stuff going on all around the web today...

IBM or Sun could pull some ads like


Site / Running On

evilavatar.com / Microsoft-IIS/5 (Windows 2000)
bluesnews.com / Apache/1.3.9 (Unix)
shacknews.com / Apache/1.3.26 (Unix)
homelanfed.com / Apache/1.3.12 (Unix) (Red Hat/Linux)

(Source: Netcraft)

Guess which of those sites happens to be inaccessible frequently.


I kid, I kid.

Damn worm brought down my companies network. Very LARGE company (80,000+ employees) Had me up all night trying to help from home. I had a bit too much to drink so I couldn''t drive in. My remote access would not even let me in because of how hard our network was hit. Very Bad worm. Very Bad.

Nothing sucks more than when the remote control abilities are gone. I feel for you man, luckily we were unaffected and I didn''t have to haul my ass in or get up in the middle of the night.

Came into work and did absolutely nothing because they had to shut the whole network down for security reasons! LOL

No probs here bur our servers are ALWAYS maintained with the latest microsoft critical security updates.Learned that lesson after similar probs before.NEVER want to go through that hassle again!