Oh dear god no.

They overshot the right time by how many years you say?

What kind of idiot starts a new gaming website ...



""Same massive spy network""

Finally, we can get the inside scoop on Universal Themepark 2!

I would like to make it clear that the

- The Ain''t It Cool Gaming Syndicate

is in no way affiliated with the AZ Syndicate.

Thank you, I new you were all worried.

Is Harry Fatass Knowles going to be running this too?

Eh, I''m curious. I remember the old days of BitchX and Old Man Murray, and the whole Daikatana thing. That was quite entertaining. I guess this could work.

Oh my....

I hate aintitcool, so much, i must now go out and commit violent acts against others.

Now Fat Bastard can ruin games just by posting unsubtantiated rumor and speculation. This is the worst possible early birthday gift I could get.

The Syndicate? M & M Enterprises?