LOL Gay shooting game gets banned

Hopefully the rest of the planet will follow. Naw, I''m against censorship but quite frankly, this game and its spokesman look and sound retarded. Hell, they even make the latest Unreal technology look like Quake 2. And what''s with killing cats and dogs? Kill humans as much as you want but don''t touch puppies!

It wasn''t banned anywhere, it''s not even out yet.

The only thing laughable there is the quote, ""You know what? It''s a game -- get over it."" It''s that kind of attitude that gives gaming a bad name. Way to rationalize questionable content! Hope it does as well as BMXXX.

If it sucks and blows like the first one (and I personally hope it does) it won''t be around long. I also have to agree with Mister Green on the ""It''s okay to kill people but not Cats and Dogs"" except I''ll say don''t touch the kittens!(love my cats I do!)

However I can''t agree with censoring it (Sorely tempted to however!) If people want to buy crap let them buy crap! More fool them!

On one hand people say videogames have no inherent value for society, that they''re not free speech... On the other they want to ban them.

Hell, it''s not like it''s porn!

""It is disgusting. In the Netherlands we have anti-discrimination laws to protect people from discrimination based on sexual preference and that makes it easier to do something"", Krol said on Thursday.

This makes me very proud, look mommy, I live in the country that first contracted the gay Seriously though, its a person''s own responsibility to decide whether a game is suitable for playing or not. But when it plays out that the content Postal 2 is in non-compliance with the law... what the hell, ban the piece of junk.

"Mr.Green" wrote:

And what''s with killing cats and dogs? Kill humans as much as you want but don''t touch puppies! :wink:

I couldn''t agree more. But I have 3 dogs so I guess I''m bias

Everywhere I''ve read about this, they call it a ""gay shooting"" game. What the hell?

You can shoot women... why isn''t NOW complaining?
You can shoot blacks... where''s the NAACP?
You can shoot animals... where''s PETA?

Great way to show off your ignorance man, the reason this game could be banned here is because according to the Dtuch law it is illegal to depict gay people the way they do in Postal 2. It''s not like some whiny peer-pressure group from the US demands the game to be taken off of the shelves. It appears that the game is unlawfull and therefor should be banned. Can you even fathom what kind of upheaval it would cause when the gay''s in the game would be replaced by jews and it would be the player''s job to burn down synagoges? Thats the way the general public here feels about this game, gay rights are very sensitive here.

Don''t ban it because of it''s content, ban it because it''s a crap game. Did they use the Doom 2 engine for that?