Rumsfeld Sorry for 'Axis of Weasels' Remark

"Elysium" wrote:

I''m going to politely suggest that everything productive that can be said in this thread, might have already been said.

Come on, we all know nothing productive was said in this thread.

And since we''re on the subject of presidents(maybe) and facial hair, was TR the last president with facial hair or am i crazy?

No, Al Gore was. *bu dum dum*

Thank you folks, I''m here all week!

- Elysium

Right after Teddy we had president Taft, who sported some stylish facial hair.

Not only did he look like Teddy, many people felt he was his puppet.

Poor guy only wanted to be a Supream Court Justice, not president.

Whoops forgot about Taft
(Dont we all)
And yeah he looked like Teddy if you were to take 2 of him and cram them together.