Judge Decides X-Men Mutant Creatures, not Human

This was a borderline front page post, but in the end so weighted down with fiscal implication and financial bandying that I thought it might seem too related to actual work, and we are if nothing else a bastion of non-work.


I think Professor Xavier would be appalled!

- Elysium

Must the discrimination contine?

""...The judge found him to be ""stout and thick,"" with ""exaggerated troll-like features"" and very pale skin -- fitting for someone who lives underground. Given all that, Judge Barzilay concluded, the Mole Man was more mole than man.""

They better not take a look at any gamers.

Worst. Judge. Ever.

(Also - ""They''re not dolls, and they''re not TOYS! They''re ACTION FIGURES!"")

Wait, wasn''t the ""moral"" of X-man supposed to be that even though they are different, they are still human?

Now this makes me think, maybe I was rooting for the wrong side after all. Magniteo wanted to take over the world and let the ""lower class"" humans server him (dictatorship?) while the xmen wanted to let everyone be equall and have their fair share as equall human beings (democracy?) So I guess that makes the XMEN wrong acording to marvel because they really are not human.

Surprising to see that one of the landmark comic achievements of the 60''s is now thrown out of the window.

I kept looking for links back to the Onion''s main page while I was reading this thing. I still can hardly believe it.

So they ruled X-Men non-humans to dodge a tariff, that doesn''t mean anything. It''s not like their next step is to recall all X-Men media and re-write them to reflect the new ruling. It''s an unfortunate way to get around an odd law to save money...

I hope I''m preaching to the choir.

I hope to high heaven y''all have yer tongues in yer cheeks when typing those posts. Otherwise, I need some new friends.

I just got done calling my mom to tell her I now have a friend! I am so exceited I wet my pants. 25 years is all it took!

Is this too soon to tell you that I love you and want to be with you forever Sway?

Sway, if there''s a way to get my tongue out of my cheek I would seriously appreciate that knowledge. I think at some point someone, perhaps an old roomate, superglued my tongue into my cheek. On top of a penchant for irony, I also talk really funny now!

- Elysium

On top of a penchant for irony, I also talk really funny now!

I always think that simply posting a ""lol"" is a waste of bandwitdh but that was funny. Silly you!

I''ve seen people get really bent out of shape over this. They act like it''s some kind of blow to the civil rights movement.