Your top 7 games for 2003

Well after reading Certis news article I've decided to post my top 7 most wanted games which are in no particular order except number 1.

1 KOTOR-Bioware can do no wrong in my eyes!
2 Doom 3- Just looks awesome!
2 Unreal 2- Cause I love FPS,s and this looks like it could be pretty good
3 C&C Generals- Okay maybe not a popular choice (hope the specs change!) but I love the fast pace of westwood RTS games.
4 Zelda- Please please please be as good as the Original N64 Zelda was
5 Deus ex 2- Sneaky sneaky shooty shooty!
6 Freelancer- Hope the controls don't suck as much as some people say.
7 EVE- I need a REALLY good online space game and this may be it.

Well there you have my top 7 games: Yes I'm PC biased but that's just me, What about your top 7 games?

Well, considering I''ve begun to gravitate toward only console games, and considering I only have one console...

Zelda:TWW - I like the style, and I gotta believe it''s going to be relaxing out there on my little boat.

Ikaruga - I''m hoping we get this soon. I never played it on the DC, but the movies I have seen are great.

Skies of Arcadia - Another DC game. I''ve heard it''s a solid RPG, and the cube could use some of those.

Soul Caliber 2 - The cube could definitely use a solid fighter.

The remaining three slots on my top 7 are reserved for ANY online games. Phantasy Star Online was fun for the first free month, but my broadband adapter hasn''t done a thing since.

Ok here''s mine then. I hate doing those cause I always fear to forget some and that it might push those developers to suicide, or something.

PC - In very particular order
1- Deus Ex 2
2- Duke Nukem Forever (shut up)
3- Thief 3
4- Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
5- Doom 3
6- Unreal 2
7- Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Xbox - In not so particular order
1- True Crime: Streets of L.A.
2- Halo 2
3- Ninja Gaiden
4- Sudeki
5- Midtown Madness 3
6- Kameo
7- Kung Fu Chaos

2- Duke Nukem Forever (shut up)

You must be one of those anticipation junkies I''ve heard about.

I don''t really have a list, rather than focus on games coming in a few years I''ve been looking forward to what''s in the next month or so. Keeps my hype-meter down and keeps me (sort of ) sane.

2- Duke Nukem Forever (shut up)

Would''ve put this in my own list and then thought hmm I did say this year
(Please let it be this year, Please!)

I see the (shut up) had no effect.

Looking forward to those games doesn''t prevent me from enjoying what''s out now Certis. Not at all I tell ya!

Here''s seven games, off the top of my head, that I''m really looking forward to:

1. Freelancer
2. Deus Ex 2
3. Jumpgate Episode 2
4. Rise of Nations
5. Master of Orion 3
6. IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles
7. Lock On: Modern Air Combat

Well here is my top 7 list:

2) Star Wars Galaxies
3) Doom3
4) EQ2
5) Freelancer
6) MOO3
7) Zelda

Holy crap, I just realized I''m not looking forward to any new game!

Are there any good RPGs coming out?
Not KOTOR please, I''m tired of Star Wars.

Last year was great, in my mind it will be hard to top it. Freedom Force, Morrowind, NWN, BF1942, UT2k3... Amazing. Plus I finally got Planescape:Torment, and I''ve been playing it for a while.

Hmm 7.

1) Psychonauts (Xbox)
2) Deus Ex 2 (PC)
3) Halo 2 (XBox)
4) KOTOR (Xbox)
5) Brute Force (Xbox)
6) Fable (Xbox)
7) The Lost (Xbox)

Deus Ex 2
Halo 2
Unreal 2
C&C Generals

meh no more

You see, I knew I would forget some. Psychonauts and Fable are two games I''m really looking forward to. Thank you Sinatar for ruining my Top 7.

What exactly is The Lost? Survival Horror? Exclusive?

How did you come up with 7? Anyway...

Doom 3
Halo 2
Thief 3
Fable - if it makes it in ""03""
The Temple of Elemental Evil - Go turn-based rpg''s!

In no particular order:
Doom 3
Unreal 2
Halo 2
Brute Force
Fable (God I hope this is as good as I think it will be)
Kung Fu Chaos
Lionheart (Black Isle RPG) Mex, check it out.
C&C Generals
Deus Ex 2
Rise of Nations
Duke Nukem Forever

I think I''d be hard pressed to come up with more than 3:


Eh, or even more than 2.

2.HALO 2

Halo 2
Starcraft: Ghost
Deus Ex 2
Midtown Madness 3
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (xbox)
Bloody Roar (xbox)

Anyone else been interested in Wrath for xbox? Hopefully that project is still going...

Bloody Roar should be on no ones lists.

My 10 most wanted games of 2003:

Deus Ex 2
Theif 3
Mario Kart (If it has Online)
Skies of Arcadia Legends
Breath of Fire 4
Halo 2
The Capcom Five
Ninja Giaden.

in no particular order (except to make it neat looking):

1.KOTOR (xbox)
2.Star Wars Galaxies (pc)
3.StarCraft: Ghost (xbox)
4.Tao Feng (xbox)
5.Zelda (gc)
6.Devil May Cry 2 (ps2)
7.Soul Calibur 2 (xbox or gc, but leaning towards xbox)

"Mr.Green" wrote:

What exactly is The Lost? Survival Horror? Exclusive?

The Lost is the new game from the team at Irrational that made System Shock 2. Its another horror RPG hybrid, but this one takes place in hell. You play a mother who''s child was killed and soul was taken to hell. So you go to hell and must make your way through the 9 (I think its 9) levels of hell to get your daughter''s soul back. You get the ability to change into different beings, which act as character classes. So there is a warrior one, thief one, wizard one, etc... The clincher is that you can change at any time and level each of them up as you see fit.

Sounds extremely cool, and since Irrational is doing it I have very high hopes. As for platforms, its coming to PS2 and XBox.

Yeah, The Lost does sound very cool. Wandering through Dante''s Inferno has got to be good gaming. I was thinking this could be the game to finally sell me a PS2, but then they announced it for the Xbox. Not in my top 7, but definately in my top 10!

No particular order:

Halo 2
Temple of Elemental Evil

I''d chuck in Gothic II as number 8...

You dare speak against Bloody Roar!

The beauty of Bloody Roar is the fact that you can''t get good at it. It''s fast and button mashing is a viable strategy against any skill level opponent. That just happens to be perfect for playing with a group of people who don''t want to be dominated.

Dead or Alive 3 (especially tag team) is good for the same reason, but to a lesser extent.

Im in the same boat as Mex, Im not particularly looking forward to much. Or if I am, I dont have it on a list, and Ill only remember the day it comes out. Which I prefer, I think. Ill just pick up cool sounding games as they come out.

I''m mainly looking forward to Halo 2. There are others, but that is certainly the big one. Halo PC will be fun, until Halo 2 arrives that is.

Seven? All right then.

1. Master of Orion 3
2. Command & Conquer: Generals
3. Deus Ex 2
4. WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne
5. Doom 3
6. Elite Force 2
7. StarCraft: Ghost

With no sense of order or platform...

Halo 2
Dynasty Warriors 4
Godzilla:DAMM (for cube as yet)
Soul Caliur 2

Can''t say I''m really ''looking forward'' to DOOM 3. It''s hard to ''look forward'' to something that will cause me to dump gallons of cash into upgrading my PC, all for the sake of satiating my hopeless, blind, podling-with-the-lifeforce-sucked-out craving for all things DOOM... *sigh*.

MOO 3 , UFO: Aftermath , Temple of Elemental Evil, Deus Ex 2

Doom 3
Halo 2 (will need to buy XBOX)

That is about it. It is too early to pick for the year.

This is pretty much off the top of my head, so it''s subject to change at any time. I''m not even sure Doom 3 can be counted though, because I don''t see it coming out this year.

1. Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2)
2. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (GC)
3. StarCraft Ghost (XBox)
4. Doom 3 (PC)
5. Warcraft III: Frozen Throne (PC)

Whoa, I couldn''t even come up with seven. This is going to be a crappy year for me if nothing else is announced.

Metriod Prime
Phantasy Star Online Ep 1 & 2
Zelda :TWW
Skies of Arcadia
Soul Calibur 2

oh, and Capcom5.

I can''t think of any PC games I''m really looking forwards to at the moment. Strange.

Now that I think about it, thats because my PC is a piece of sh*te. IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL grrrrr.....