Rage closes the shop

Saw it on Neowin. Bankrupt Rage is opting to wind down.

Hunter Kelly said: "This is a highly regrettable situation and it is obviously extremely disappointing for all concerned that the legal risks could not be overcome sufficiently to achieve the sales of all or parts of the business as going concerns.
``Despite the considerable interest we received in the business and our continued efforts to progress this, we were faced with increasing complications posed by the number of licence holders and owners of intellectual property contained within the games which made it illegal to hand over or give access to the information to interested parties

. These were such that not only were they impossible to overcome within the necessary timescale to keep the business trading, but there was also no guarantee that these issues could actually be resolved to meet the terms of the offers being made, and there was the danger that the proposed sales would have resulted in a net loss to the company and its creditors."

Hate to be cruel but...

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

I hate to see anyone lose their jobs, but I think this is a reasonable market casualty. _If_ some development shops must close, it should be the ones not producing high quality games. I hope every single guy there lands on their feet, but I''d much rather see Rage go than the most other devs.

- Elysium

*Sigh* Now i''l never see a sequel to Hostile Waters.

Which is a shame considering the game is easily one of the most innovative and well storied RTS games to date. I really wish more people had bought the game.

*Sigh* Now i''l never see a sequel to Hostile Waters

Good call A_lonely_hat. That game was awesome! pity it sold about 3 copies, people just don''t buy good games sometimes!

Hostile Waters was awesome.

Carrier Command + Warren Ellis = mad goodness.